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Expert Gardening Services in Inner West

Enlist the help of the Fantastic gardeners, who will transform your garden into a green masterpiece!

  • Experienced and fully insured specialists
  • Enjoy a beautiful garden full of healthy plants
  • Save time, money and effort
  • Available 7 days a week, in rain or shine
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Garden Maintenance

A few reasons why our gardening service in Inner West is the best around

The gardening experts we work with are skilled, fully insured, considerate and always looking to give you the best service possible!

  • Fully equipped and experienced local gardeners - The local Fantastic gardening professionals always come prepared with the proper knowledge and the latest tools for the job.
  • Highly customizable and hourly based - Our gardening maintenance is hourly based and can be tailored to your specific needs with a wide range of different services.
  • Flexible service - Whether you have a small garden that needs tidying up or a huge property that needs serious care, we are here to help.
  • Free expert advice - The gardening specialists will give you advice on how to maintain and care for your garden after the service is done.
  • Ongoing garden maintenance - We can arrange regular garden maintenance services, which can be fortnightly or monthly depending on your needs.
  • Free disposal of up to 120 litres of green waste - The gardener will arrange the disposal of the green waste from your garden, but you can also choose to keep and compost it.

Here is how we do our gardening services in Inner West

Providing professional care for your garden, so you can enjoy your peaceful green space all the more!

Welcoming the gardening experts

The gardeners will come to your place at the arranged time to discuss the service. If your presence is not possible, detailed instructions must be given to the expert beforehand. Entering through a side gate is preferred, but the gardener has overshoes and coverings, so your house is kept clean if they need to enter through it.

Discussing your vision for the garden

You will explain what needs to be done, share your requirements and vision and give any additional special instructions. After all the details have been specified on site, the gardener will suggest a proper number of hours based on your requirements and the current state of the garden.

The right tools for the job

The gardener will be able to start work right away, as they bring all the tools and equipment required for the job, including a spade, shovel, rake, trowel, whipper snipper, lawn mower, hedge trimmer, edger, blower vac, plant supports and anything else that might be needed to perfectly complete the work at hand.

Servicing your garden to perfection

Our gardening services include lawn mowing, weeding, hedge and bush trimming, tree pruning and trimming, spring and autumn tidying up, garden makeover & clearance, green waste removal and anything else you might need done in your green space!

You can enjoy a number of different gardening services in Inner West

Tree pruning

Properly done tree pruning services provide a large number of advantages to your green areas. For example, the removal of dead and broken branches protects your property from getting damaged. Additionally, the gardener can carry out developmental pruning of young trees, which grants structural improvement and helps them grow properly. Pruning is also vital for fruit trees, as it ensures a bountiful harvest and improves the health and longevity of the plant.

Hedge trimming

Both young and old hedges need an annual pruning at the very least. The Fantastic gardeners will ensure the healthy growth and proper development of your shrubs and hedges! Older hedgerows also need pruning to keep a presentable shape, so they don’t take over the whole space and become an obstacle to pathways and pavements. A professional hedge trimming will make your garden more tidy and appealing and can also be booked regularly!

Flower planting

Even if your garden is perfectly maintained, cleaned, pruned and trimmed, it can still feel lacking and dull if there isn’t some colour added to it. And that's where the flowers come in! Randomly planting any and all flowers won’t give you the best results, however. Choosing plants that suit your climate and soil and then growing and maintaining them requires a fair deal of knowledge and expertise. The gardening experts will make sure that the choice of plants is suited not only to your tastes but to your property’s conditions too, so you end up with a truly astonishing garden!


Mulching your garden improves the soil health and structure, helps preserve soil moisture, keeps the soil cooler during the summer and warmer during the winter while also providing much needed nutrients for the growth of your plants. However, adding mulch to your landscape on your own can be tiring and time-consuming. The Fantastic gardeners will use their vast knowledge and the latest technology to tailor a mulching plan suited specifically to your garden.


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Gardening quotes from Inner West:

Overgrown loan

0 Feb 17, 2022
Hello. I am in need of the back lawn mowed, not very big. It's a bit overgrown as it's been a long time since the last service. Can you do on Monday? Thank you for your time!

Service: Gardening

General maintenance

0 Dec 11, 2021
Hello, I am looking for a gardening service. It's a small garden. I need lawn mowing and weeding. Some hedges have to be reshaped too. Send a quote, please.

Service: Gardening

Rental property

0 Sep 20, 2021
Hi, I need the lawn mowed as short as possible, side and front lawns, whippy all edges, weed the front garden beds, please. It's for rental property, not sure about what the l
awns actually look like when maintained.
... More

Service: Gardening

How much does a gardening service in Inner West cost?

The average cost of our professional gardening services in Inner West is around $210

80% of our customers in the Inner West area request a regular gardening service.

One out of five gardening customers in Inner West takes advantage of our Fantastic Club membership!

Nearly 35% of our customers combine professional gardening service with Fantastic cleaning!

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*Data has been extracted from our internal database for the past 12 months

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