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All tools and detergents are included in this oven cleaning service that gives superior results
  • The oven is dismantled for deeper cleaning
  • Eco-friendly, non-toxic detergents used
  • Regular cleaning extends the lifespan of ovens
  • Saves energy - clean ovens are more efficient
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Reasons to book oven cleaners in Berwick through Fantastic Services

You'll be booking reference vetted, fully insured and competent technicians. You also benefit from:

  • More time to yourself - While the cleaners are taking care of the dirty job of oven cleaning, you get time to spend with friends and family.
  • Better tasting food - Remove grease and fats from your oven and they can't mar the flavour of freshly cooked food.
  • Weekend services available - There's no extra fee for Saturday or Sunday appointments. Cleaning can be booked on public holidays too.
  • Competitive rates - Get your free quote now to find out how little you'll pay for professional oven cleaning.
  • Eco-friendly detergents - Specialist products that you can't buy from high-street shops. Effective cleaning without environmental damage.
  • A single contact point for all your cleaning needs - Make and manage bookings online 24/7 for oven cleaning and a host of other services too.

The system used for oven cleaning in Berwick

The cleaner works through a series of processes to ensure an efficient, thorough and mess-free oven cleaning service. The first thing they do on arrival is lay down sheeting to protect the floor and areas around the cooker. The appliance is tested before work begins to ensure it's working correctly. You'll be informed if any problems are noted.

In order to get to areas normally difficult to clean the cooker is disassembled. All racks, trays, knobs or other removable parts are placed in a tank of sanitising solution. The product used is non-caustic yet powerful enough to dissolve grease and soften baked on grime and carbon.

While the removed parts are soaking, the door, the inner cavity and the outer body of the oven are scrubbed. Range hood cleaning or range hood filter cleaning are completed at this point if you've requested these additional services. By the time this work is done the removed components are ready for treatment. They're taken from the tank, manually scrubbed if there are any remaining spots of grease or dirt, rinsed and dried.

The oven is reassembled, given a final polish and tested. Your service is complete. The oven cleaner collects their equipment together, makes sure they've left everything clean and tidy and leaves. You should run the oven at a high temperature for 10 minutes or so the first time you use it after cleaning just to ensure that any traces of cleaning solution are dispersed.

Add other cleaning services to your oven cleaning in Berwick

Kitchen cleaning

With your oven factory fresh the rest of your kitchen may look a bit dull in comparison. So why not add deep kitchen cleaning to your service? The cleaners will bring all the detergents and equipment required to mop floors, wipe down cupboards and work surfaces and clean the exterior of other appliances too. This service is charged for on an hourly basis. You set the task list for work, even expanding it to include other rooms if you wish.

Upholstery or carpet cleaning

Like oven cleaning these are jobs most effectively completed using professional-grade tools and cleaning products. It makes sense to get the pros in to take care of them at the same time as your oven cleaning is done. Carpet and upholstery cleaning are delivered using dry cleaning or hot water extraction techniques according to the needs of the fabric. Hot water extraction is especially effective at reducing microorganisms and pollutant levels, giving you a healthier home.

BBQ cleaning

Get ready for outdoor cooking by getting your oven cleaner to treat your BBQ too. The cleaner will scrape away deposits from around the burners and thoroughly clean cooking grates and grills. They'll use a degreasing foam on the inside of the BBQ and spray the freshly cleaned surfaces with oil to prevent rust. As with cooker cleaning, BBQ cleaning ensures that food cooked on the appliance tastes fresh, makes the BBQ safer in use and extends its lifespan.

Tile and grout cleaning

However carefully and regularly you clean your floor, dirt will build up on tiles and grout making them look old and tired. The cleaners will use professional detergents, heat, agitation and high-pressure rinsing to lift deeply ingrained dirt and restore the shine to a wall or floor tiles. After tile cleaning and oven cleaning your kitchen will look showroom smart.


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Real oven cleaning quotes from Berwick:


Double oven

Berwick Feb 17, 2022
Good day! You've cleaned our oven several times before and I need your service again. It's a standard double oven that needs a professional deep cleaning. Thank you!

Service: Oven cleaning


Dirty oven

Berwick Mar 2, 2022
Hello. I need a professional cleaning service as my oven is very dirty. Do you have special deals for combining oven cleaning with the stoves and the range hood? Thank you!

Service: Oven cleaning


Bad smell

Berwick Feb 24, 2022
Hi, the oven and the range hood at home need professional cleaning. There are bad smells and grease accumulated. Do you have an available team for Friday this week? Thanks.

Service: Oven cleaning

How much does oven cleaning in Berwick cost?

$155 $215 $570

On average the cost for oven cleaning in Berwick is $215.

Most booked oven cleaning type in Berwick is single oven.

Every 2 out of 4 people decided to get the Fantastic Club with their service to save money.

Oven cleaning is the most common service booked with BBQ cleaning.

*Data has been extracted from our internal database for the past 12 months

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