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Call on the pros with the tools and detergents needed to make light work of oven cleaning
  • Spare yourself a dirty time-consuming job
  • The cooker is dismantled to clean hard to access places
  • Non-toxic, non-caustic detergents utilised
  • Oven can be used as soon as service is completed
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Oven before & after professional cleaning

Get other cleaning done at the same time as oven cleaning in Brighton

Kitchen cleaning

Show your freshly cleaned cooker to the best advantage by making sure that the rest of the kitchen matches it for cleanliness. Add kitchen cleaning to oven cleaning and the cleaners will bring detergents and tools to mop floors, clean work surfaces and could even empty out cupboards, clean them internally and put everything neatly away. Basically, you set the task list, book the time required to get everything done and the cleaners do the work.

Tile and grout cleaning

General kitchen cleaners will wash the floor and tiles around sinks or worktops but sometimes tiles and grout need extra attention. Opt for this specialist service and the team will bring products and tools designed to lift long-standing ingrained dirt. They'll use a combination of heat, agitation and high-pressure rinsing to bring back the shine so that tiles and grout look as good as the oven.

Upholstery or carpet cleaning

Extend your cleaning blitz beyond the kitchen with carpet or upholstery cleaning. This service can be completed using dry or hot water extraction methods so both water tolerant and delicate fabrics can be treated. Book cleaning for any carpet or rug, upholstered furniture, curtains or even mattresses. Fabric cleaning brightens the piece, can increase its lifespan and lowers the levels of bacteria, fungal spores, viruses and pollutants in your home.

Range hood and splashback cleaning

Book splashback and rangehood cleaning at the same time as your oven is cleaned to brighten up the whole kitchen and make it more sanitary too. Book these services at the same time as oven cleaning to benefit from a special package rate for the combined work. Cleaning range hood filters is also available as an extra service.

How oven cleaning in Brighton is done

When your oven cleaner arrives the first thing they'll do is test the oven to ensure it's working correctly. If you're aware of any problems let the cleaner know, if they discover anything they'll tell you! A protective sheet is placed on the floor to stop the tiles from getting dirty.

The door is removed if possible to improve access to the cavity of the cooker then racks, trays and other removable components are taken out of the oven and soaked in a dip-tank of non-toxic cleaning solution to soften and lift ingrained dirt, grease and baked-on carbon.

While the removed parts are soaking the inside of the oven is scrubbed, and the door is cleaned. Once the solution in the dip tank has had time to loosen dirt and destroy any germs on the surfaces of the components they're removed from the tank, cleaned manually, rinsed and dried.

Once the inside of the oven is cleaned it's given a final polish and everything is put back together. The outside of the oven is also given a good polish and the appliance is tested to make sure it's working as it should. The cleaner collects their equipment together, lifts the sheeting and checks to see that they haven't left any mess. And that's it. Your oven is ready for use and the cleaner leaves.

The benefits of booking oven cleaners in Brighton via Fantastic Services

Book competitively priced oven cleaning that leaves your cooker spotless. And take advantage of:

  • Easy online booking management - Make, amend or even cancel appointments yourself online. Or use our 24/7 support line if you prefer.
  • An oven that works more efficiently - Clean ovens heat up faster so use less energy. That's good for your pocket and good for the environment too.
  • Seven-day services - With no extra charge for weekend appointments. Get commercial oven cleaning done out of business hours.
  • Reference vetted and certified oven cleaners - Conscientious and fully insured workers with the tools, products and knowledge to get first-class results.
  • The option to add extra cleaning services - Pay special rates when certain work is packaged or when you book as a Fantastic Club member.
  • Enjoy better-tasting cooked food - Dishes prepared in a clean oven won't be tainted by the flavours of old greases or fats so tastes fresher.

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Real oven cleaning quotes from Brighton:


Single oven

Brighton Jan 19, 2022
Hi there, I need a professional oven cleaning for the single oven at home. It needs a deep cleaning as it smells not very good. Do you offer weekend slots? Thanks!

Service: Oven cleaning


Bad smell

Brighton Jan 31, 2022
Hi, I'd like to refresh my home as we burned food in the oven. Can I combine an oven cleaning service with carpet cleaning? It's a single oven and 4 carpeted rooms with some s
tains & spills from kids.
... More

Service: Oven & carpet cleaning


Double oven

Brighton Feb 24, 2022
Hello, Could you please give me a quote for the cleaning of a double oven, a 4 burners stovetop and a range hood? How long the service will take? Send by email, please. Thanks
... More

Service: Oven cleaning

How much does a oven cleaning service in Brighton cost?

$145 $175 $335

On average the cost for oven cleaning in Brighton is $175.

Most booked oven cleaning type in Brighton is single oven.

Every 2 out of 4 people decided to get the Fantastic Club with their service to save money.

Oven cleaning is the most common service booked with BBQ cleaning.

*Data has been extracted from our internal database for the past 12 months

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Brighton oven cleaning working hours and coverage

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Local office: Brighton

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  • Tuesday 8am - 6pm
  • Wednesday 8am - 6pm
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