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  • Disassembly and deep oven cleaning
  • Detergents eliminating all types of viruses and bacteria
  • Ideal for homeowners, landlords, and tenants
  • Fully insured and specially trained oven cleaning technicians
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How we perform our oven cleaning in Camberwell

As soon as your technician arrives, a thorough examination will be carried out to determine the most appropriate cleaning products for your oven. Before the cleaning process begins, a protective mat will be placed on the floor around your appliance, and overshoes will be worn.

The cleaner will then take your oven apart so that individual items, such as trays, racks, and removable grills, can be cleaned entirely. The powerful solutions will dissolve any grease and grime residues.

The oven will be sprayed with a degreaser and left to sit for a few minutes before any burnt-on food residues are carefully scraped off. After wiping this area down, the technician will turn to the oven door, degreasing and then polishing it with a glass cleaner. Seals will also be removed and cleaned.

All dismantled parts will be thoroughly rinsed before being reassembled. Exterior handles, knobs and switches will all be carefully polished, and then your oven will be tested to make sure it functions as it should.

Our oven cleaning service in Camberwell comes highly recommended

We’re the oven cleaning company for you in your home or workplace environment, as we constantly deliver guaranteed results:
- 24/7 booking availability - You can request a free quote at any time of the day or night and make your booking there and then.
- Certified and fully insured -The oven cleaners in Camberwell have years of industry experience and can tackle all kinds of ovens.
- All makes and models deep cleaned - Only high-quality products and equipment will be used during your service to clean ranges through to microwaves.
- Oven useable immediately - You only need to allow 15 minutes for heating up following the deep clean that has transformed your appliance.
- Prevent future repairs - You’ll be given post-service maintenance tips to ensure that the life of your oven is extended.
- A one-stop-shop for all your cleaning needs - Fantastic Services in Camberwell provides many additional services designed to help you.

Need extra services alongside your oven cleaning in Camberwell?

We’ve got an entire range of additional services available for you to book in combination with your oven cleaning. Plus, they can be booked on the same day!

BBQ cleaning

Your BBQ will be inspected prior to the clean and all removable parts, such as the grills and trays, will be taken apart and thoroughly cleaned. After hand-scraping and wiping down individual parts, your BBQ will be reassembled and ready for immediate use.

Commercial kitchen cleaning

Get professional cleaning and degreasing of your commercial appliances, including range hood cleaning and cleaning of range hood filters, splashbacks, canopies, floors, and walls. This fully insured service is suitable for restaurants, hospitals, schools, and hotels. You can schedule your appointment after a free viewing with your commercial oven cleaner.

Dishwasher cleaning

Our dishwasher cleaning service includes a thorough clean of the filter, descaling the door and seals, and starting a high-temperature programme to remove 90% of the limescale.

Fridge cleaning

This is an eco-friendly service that only requires you to empty and defrost your fridge two to three hours before your technician arrives to do the rest! All shelves, baskets, and bins will be cleaned separately with strong antibacterial detergents. After assembling all components, your fridge will be turned back on.

Oven repair

If you’ve got issues with your oven, we can provide a team of oven repair specialists to get it quickly working properly again. All repairs will be carried out following safety protocols and strict procedures by your fully insured technician. You’ll also be provided with a repair guarantee that lasts for a year.

Microwave cleaning

A service ideally suited to homeowners, landlords, and tenants, with free quotes available 24/7. Your microwave will be cleaned inside and out using eco-friendly detergents during this professional microwave oven cleaning session.


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How much does the average oven cleaning job in Camberwell cost?

Oven and carpets

Camberwell Oct 26, 2021
Oven cleaning, a 2 hour clean of empty house, carpet cleaned in 4 bedrooms and 1 lounge room.

Service: Oven Cleaning

Single oven cleaning

Camberwell Oct 5, 2021
Hi, could I please get a quote for a standard (600mm) domestic oven clean in Brunswick East?

Service: Oven Cleaning

Single 60 cm oven

Camberwell Nov 19, 2021
Hello, I have a single oven - 60cm. I need it cleaned by experts until the end of the week, please.

Service: Oven Cleaning

How much does oven cleaning in Camberwell cost?

The average oven cleaning job in Camberwell costs around $210.

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Carpet Cleaning is the most commonly booked service in the area.

One in every 3 customers decided to join the Fantastic Club to save money on our services.

130 210 505

*Data has been extracted from our internal database for the past 12 months

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