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How our oven cleaning process works step by step

Oven cleaning is a very serious topic among homeowners. There are plenty of detergents and homemade solutions being marketed around but no matter how much you scrub, the results are usually not satisfactory. This is because there are always grease and food particles stuck in hidden crevices and you need to remove a few parts to be able to get to them. This is where the help of our oven cleaning technicians is dearly welcomed. We come with a full set of tools and detergents, and we can deal with the oven mess in a few simple steps:

  1. Our oven cleaners always strive to be punctual, so chances are you will see your technician in front of your home on the given date and time. Still, sometimes there are some delays on the road, like traffic jams and accidents. In these cases, you will receive a text message in advance that will advise you on the situation.
  2. The cleaner will assess the condition and the model of the appliance. Then, the proper tools and detergents will be chosen, depending on the size and alloy of the oven.
  3. The entire area around the oven is being covered with a protective sheet, to avoid any potential splatters or damage to the surrounding surfaces.
  4. Any removable parts of the oven are being taken off, including the oven door, all the racks, grills, trays and knobs. They are all being cleaned separately using appropriate detergents, to ensure the complete grime removal.
  5. Then the oven expert sprays the inside of the appliance with a degreaser and leaves it to work its magic for a few minutes. After that, the entire chamber is being scrubbed clean and all the hidden dirt deposits are removed, including those from the vent, close to the electrical panel and a few other hidden spots.
  6. Then the cleaner polishes and dries every element and assembles your oven back to its original state.
  7. The oven is tested to ensure it works properly and then the cleaner lets you know the job is done. It’s that simple!

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If you have other items in your home in desperate need of cleaning, you can hire a Fantastic team to handle them, as well, and even get a discount! Our Frankston clients often combine their oven cleaning appointments with cleaning all their other appliances - microwaves, stovetops, fridges and more. Or you can have your carpets or upholstery cleaned as well. We send well-supplied teams that can perform all these services at once.

1h 35min

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Single Oven

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Oven cleaning quotes from Frankston:


Single oven deep cleaning

Frankston Jun 22, 2023
Hi, Could I please get a quote for a standard (600mm) domestic oven clean in Brunswick East.

Service: Oven Cleaning


Single oven + range hood

Frankston Jul 19, 2023
I have a single oven that needs to be cleaned along with the range hood. How soon can you get here?

Service: Oven Cleaning


One off deep clean with a wide oven

Frankston Aug 31, 2023
Need spring cleaning for a 3 bedroom weatherboard cottage including oven clean. How much?

Service: Oven, Hourly cleaning

How much does oven cleaning in Frankston cost?

$124 $202 $459

On average the cost for oven cleaning in Frankston is $202

Every 2 out of 3 people decided to get the Fantastic Club with their service to save money.

Oven cleaning is the most common service booked with BBQ cleaning

*Data has been extracted from our internal database for the past 12 months

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