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  • Removes debris that can damage glass and surrounds
  • Safer cleaning - upper-storey windows are cleaned from the ground
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Window Cleaning in Hawthorn

How window cleaning in Bangor is completed

When the window cleaners arrive they'll start by inspecting the windows to ensure that water-fed pole cleaning is suitable for your needs. They'll confirm which windows need cleaning and the surface area to be treated.

Window frames are cleaned first, cobwebs or loose dust are removed then it's time for the frames and windows to be wet washed.

Water is run through a purifying unit then pumped up the pole and out through a brush. Removing minerals from the water before using it eliminates the need for detergents. Purified water is a powerful cleaning agent in its own right and removing minerals means that there's no risk of streaks, deposits or smears being left behind.

Finally, the inside of the windows are cleaned manually and frames are wiped down. Sometimes, in the course of cleaning the technicians may spot defects or damage in the units. If this happens they'll photograph the area so that you can see the issue and take action to rectify the damage if required.

Benefits of pure water window cleaning in Bangor

This window washing treatment leaves the glass resistant to dust and debris build-up, so windows need cleaning less often.

Professional window cleaning specialists

Who'll treat you with courtesy, your property with care and who provide a fully insured service.

Seven-day availability

Get commercial properties cleaned out of working hours and book home appointments that suit your schedule.

Eco-friendly cleaning

No detergents are required so run-off water won't pollute your garden or the local environment.

Extends the lifespan of glazed units

Removing debris and pollutants reduces the risk of staining or pitting of frames or damage to the glass.

Increases the kerb appeal of your property

Spotless glass and clean surrounds make a business look professional and a home look loved.

No risk of injury to people or damage to windows

Ladders are avoided when possible, reducing the risks of falls hurting people or glass getting cracked in accidents.

Book window cleaners in Bangor as part of a cleaning package

End of lease cleaning

This service is completed by a team of trained cleaners who arrive when tenants move out bringing all the materials and tools required to deep clean every room and prepare the property for new occupants. End of lease cleaning is backed by a guarantee and includes internal window cleaning. Adding external window cleaning to the package brings an extra level of polish to the property making it more appealing to potential new tenants and easier to rent.

Patio cleaning

Getting your patios, paths, driveways or walls pressure cleaned at the same time as the window cleaning is done will transform the appearance of your property. Pressure cleaning hard surfaces removes dirt, mould, mildew or chemical pollutants. This helps to maintain the treated object in good condition. Technicians who complete jet washing will select the correct pressure for the surface in question so that deep cleaning is achieved without risk of damage to the structure.

After builders cleaning

The final step of any construction project is always the cleanup. The most efficient way to get this done is to book experienced cleaners who bring specialist equipment and products to lift paint splashes, vacuum up fine dust and do any mopping or deep cleaning required to return the property to a habitable condition. Adding window cleaning to an after builders cleaning service is the ideal way to show off your newly improved home or office.

Gutter cleaning

This property maintenance service should never be overlooked. Cleaning gutters is essential, both to maximise their lifespan and to ensure that rainwater flows smoothly away from a property reducing the risk of water damage or staining to roofs or walls. Gutter cleaners will arrive with equipment to access gutters and downpipes and remove leaves, bird nests and other debris. Getting windows done at the same time as gutters means that your home is protected from damage and looks its very best too.


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*Data has been extracted from our internal database for the past 12 months

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Window cleaning quotes from Bangor


1 Door, 4 sofa seats

Bangor Dec 11, 2021
Hi, I need a quote for steam clean/deodorise of ‘L’ shaped couch and I am also interested in getting a balcony door window cleaning quote

Service: Window cleaning


9 standard windows

Bangor 2 Feb, 2022
Hello, I would like a quote for internal and external window cleaning + one for carpet steam cleaning. Thanks in advance

Service: Window cleaning


14 windows one side

Bangor 1 Mar, 2022
Just wanted a quote for inside window cleaning of the whole house - 14 windows in total. Thank you and have a great day

Service: Window cleaning

How much does window cleaning in Bangor cost?

$115 $250 $630

Average cost for window cleaning in Bangor is $250.

The average job duration for window cleaning in Bangor is 3h.

45% of people booked fly screen cleaning as well.

The most common floor that people need cleaned is the ground floor.

*Data has been extracted from our internal database for the past 12 months

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