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  • Utilises fast and safe water-fed pole window cleaning
  • No extra charge for weekend appointments
  • Frame and sill cleaning included in service price
  • Regular cleaning extends the lifespan of windows
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How window cleaning services in Bexley are organised

Your window cleaners will start by checking the windows to ensure that they're suitable for water-fed-pole cleaning and confirm the size and number of windows to be cleaned with you.

Cobwebs are removed from the frames and glass then a purifying unit is connected to your water supply.

Purified water is pumped up to the window and through a brush which is used to lift any sticky deposits or debris from the glass. The glass is then rinsed to wash away the dirt and left to air dry. The use of demineralised water for cleaning means that no detergents are required and no deposits or streaks are left behind.

Internal glass is cleaned by hand once the external window cleaning is complete. Occasionally the technicians spot damage to the frames or glass while they're cleaning the units. If this happens they'll draw your attention to it and take photographs so you can see exactly what the issue is.

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Why choose professional services for window cleaning in Bexley

Specialist window cleaners have tools to get windows cleaner than you can and in less time too. Other benefits include:

A service that's easy to book and manage

Call our 24/7 helpline to get quotes, make and amend appointments. Or do it online, anytime.

Penalty-free booking amendments

There's no charge for changing or cancelling an appointment when your give 48 hours notice or more.

Safer window cleaning

Working from the ground reduces the risk of injuries to people or damage to the glass or frames.

Longer lasting results

The use of demineralised water prevents the build-up of dirt and debris after cleaning.

Professional standards from start to finish

Support staff are accessible, knowledgeable and helpful. Cleaning technicians provide timely, fully insured services.

A smarter looking property

Perfectly clean windows increase the kerb appeal of your home or business.

Add extra services to your window cleaning in Bexley

Blinds cleaning

Newly cleaned windows can draw attention to dirty blinds or curtains. Both blind and curtain cleaning are available as stand-alone services or can be combined with your window cleaning services. Blind cleaning is completed using specialist products suited to the blind type, it's available for wooden, plastic, metal or any other sort of blinds. Curtain cleaning is done with the curtains in place using dry or steam cleaning techniques according to the needs of the fabric.

End of lease cleaning (EOL)

EOL cleaning can be booked by tenants, landlords or letting agents. A team of cleaners comes to the vacated property bringing all required tools and cleaning materials with them. Work is completed according to a standardised checklist that covers the work normally required at the end of a lease. Internal window cleaning is included as standard, adding external window cleaning to the package brings an extra layer of polish and makes the property more appealing to the market.

After builders cleaning

Building projects generate dirt which generally ranges from fine plaster dust to coarse rubble. After builders cleaning is completed by a team, tools and specialist cleaning products are provided. The cleaners lift paint or varnish splashes, gather dust using high-spec vacuum cleaners equipped with fine filtration systems and perform general mopping and cleaning as needed. Getting the windows cleaned at the same time as after builders cleaning is the perfect way to showcase your completed home improvements.

Spring cleaning

One-off spring or deep cleaning is designed to maximise flexibility to clients. Order this service and you'll be able to specify the tasks to be done, the number of cleaners needed to complete them and even how long the service will last. Use spring cleaning to deep clean one or two rooms or to get certain jobs completed through your home. Add window cleaning to flood your home with natural light so you can fully appreciate the work done.


booked oven cleaning too


average job price


windows cleaned

2h 55m

average job duration

*Data has been extracted from our internal database for the past 12 months

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Window cleaning quotes from Bexley

14 windows one side

Bexley NSW Dec 14, 2021
Hi, just wanted to quote inside window cleaning of the whole house. Thanks

Service: Window cleaning

3 large windows one side

Bexley NSW 1 Mar, 2022
I would like to get a quote for apartment window cleaning (external windows)

Service: Window cleaning

10 windows, 2 doors

Bexley NSW Dec 28, 2021
Need apartment cleaning, 1st floor, windows cleaned from the outside only

Service: Window cleaning

How much does window cleaning in Bexley cost?

Average cost for window cleaning in Bexley is $230.

The average job duration of the service is 2h 55m.

About 65% of our customers become members of the Fantastic Club.

More than 40% of customers book fly screen cleaning as well.

The most common floor that people book for clenaing is the ground floor.

125 230 665

*Data has been extracted from our internal database for the past 12 months

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