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We use modern techniques and high-end cleaning machines to deal with any stains, moisture, and odours!

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Advantages of professional carpet cleaning

Lots of home and business owners don’t realise that regular vacuuming and spot cleaning is not enough to maintain your carpeting properly. Carpets and rugs can make any space more inviting, which is why professional cleaning is a must!

Not only does expert carpet cleaning remove packed in dust, debris, and allergens, but it also tackles stubborn stains. After the service, your carpeted space will look, smell, and feel better than ever!

Not to mention that over time, carpet fibres become packed with dust mites, bacteria, allergens, and more. They can cause trouble breathing, skin irritation, and other negative health issues. Thus, it is vital to have your carpets cleaned by a professional at least once or twice per year.

Our carpet cleaning process explained

A professional cleaner will promptly come to your Armadale property. They will start by inspecting your carpeting to determine the material and the condition it’s in. Then, the expert will thoroughly vacuum your carpets and rugs and apply a stain removal product on any existing blemishes. Keep in mind, if there are any hard-to-remove stains or spills, the cleaner will have to pre-treat them to ensure optimal results.

After a few minutes, the technician will clean your carpets with a hot water extraction machine. Once they’re finished, they will advise you on the drying time and give you tips on how to speed up this process. For the best results, you can have your carpet deodorised as well.

Why opt for Fantastic Services in Armadale

Actions speak louder than words, so here’s what our company offers:

  • Over a decade of experience in the field;
  • Fully insured service, as all specialists hold Public Liability Insurance;
  • Experienced and reliable locally-based carpet cleaners;
  • Various other specialised cleaning services that you can combine with your carpet cleaning;
  • Advanced cleaning methods that follow your carpet manufacturer’s instructions;
  • *Data has been extracted from our internal database for the past 12 months

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Are the detergents you use safe for my family and pets?

    A: We only use tested, pet-friendly, and enviourmentaly-safe cleaning products. They allow us to professionally clean carpeting without increasing the carbon footprint or posing a threat to your household.

    Q: How often should I have my rugs deep-cleaned?

    A: This mainly depends on the amount of foot traffic your carpet is getting. Nevertheless, we recommend an in-depth cleaning at least once every six months.

    Q: Do you treat for fleas on carpets?

    A: Flea treatment is not included in the general carpet cleaning service, but if you have unwanted guests, such as fleas or other kinds of pests, we work with an excellent team of pest exterminators that can help with the issue.

    Q: Do you have to take my carpetings elsewhere to be cleaned?

    A: No, our advanced equipment allows us to clean your carpet and rugs right there on the spot.

    Q: How can I reschedule my appointment?

    A: To change the day of your appointment, log into your Fantastic account to make the necessary changes or use our Go Fantastic app. Of course, you can also give us a call to get assistance or if you have any questions.

    Q: Is your company insured?

    A: Certainly! Fantastic Services is a registered and fully insured property maintenance service provider, and so are all of the specialists we work with.

    *Data has been extracted from our internal database for the past 12 months

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