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  • Proven processes for carpet restoration and stain removal
  • Professional rug cleaning validates your carpet's warranty
  • Removes allergens and improves air quality
  • Stain protection and deodourising available on request
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Carpet Cleaning

Additional services to book on the day of carpet cleaning in Blacktown

Window cleaning

Get the professionals to clean your windows. Whenever possible they'll work from the ground using an extendable pole that feeds purified water over the glass, sills and frames. This technique is much safer than cleaning upper-storey windows while balanced on a ladder. The use of purified water means that no detergents are required so there's no risk of streaks or deposits being left upon the glass. Inside window cleaning is also available.

Oven cleaning

Hire a professional oven cleaner to give your cooker some expert care and attention. Racks, trays and other removable components are soaked in a powerful, non-toxic, grease-dissolving product. The main body of the oven is cleaned by hand then the removed parts are cleaned, rinsed, dried and polished. Your oven will be tested once reassembled. Deep cleaning a cooker removes lingering odours, reduces fire risk and increases the efficiency of the oven.

Upholstery cleaning

This is the perfect service to combine with carpet cleaning. The technician will select the technique and cleaning products to suit the fabric being treated. Delicate materials subject to shrinkage or colour-run are dry cleaned. On more durable fabrics, hot water extraction is the prefered cleaning method as this lifts deeply-seated dirt, destroys microorganisms and sanitises the fabric.

End of lease cleaning

Every room is deep-cleaned, the bathroom sanitised, all kitchen appliances and cupboards are cleaned inside and out. The work is completed by an experienced team of professional cleaners and the senior cleaner will check every job against a standardised checklist. The professional service is backed by a 72-hour guarantee, with re-cleaning included for free if anything isn't up to standard.

How professional carpet cleaning services in Blacktown are completed


Before starting any carpet treatment the technician will check the composition of the rug. If necessary they may test a small, unobtrusive area of the piece to determine fibre composition. The cleaner will also move light furniture if necessary and note any stained or worn areas which will require extra attention.


This varies slightly depending on whether the main treatment will be completed using hot water extraction or a dry cleaning technique. The rug is always vacuumed to open the pile, stained areas are pre-sprayed or solvents are applied. For water-based cleaning process, a spray is applied to the whole carpet to loosen dirt.

The main clean

If dry cleaning is the chosen technique a powder is worked into the carpet using a rotary action brush. It is allowed time to absorb dirt, then vacuumed out. In the case of hot water extraction, water and detergent are forced into the carpet under pressure and then removed using a powerful suction machine. The industrial-quality equipment used for this removes around 95% of the water, resulting in a brighter finish and reduced drying times.

Final stages

If you're a smoker or have pets in your home you may like to opt for additional deodourising treatment. We recommend the application of Scotchgard protection after getting your carpets professionally cleaned. This coats the carpet fibres making them water repellent so that you have time to blot up spills before they cause tough stains. Scotchgard also makes daily vacuum cleaning quicker and more effective.

Why is book carpet cleaning in Blacktown through Fantastic Services?

Get your carpet cleaners from Fantastic Services to know that you're assured of:

  • Peace of mind - The carpet cleaners who come to you are fully trained, reference vetted, trustworthy individuals. As you'd expect, your service is insured.
  • Ease of service - Setting up or amending bookings is easy. Choose our app, the online platform or call the 24/7 customer support line.
  • Flexible booking options - Appointments are available across a long working day and can be arranged for weekdays, weekends or on public holidays.
  • Emergency cleaning services - When you need something done urgently you'll be offered the first available slot, which may even be on the day you call.
  • Safe, environmentally-friendly cleaning - All cleaning solutions are non-toxic and eco-friendly, so you don't fill your home with chemicals when you get your rugs treated.
  • A cleaner, healthier home - Periodically deep cleaning carpets destroys bacteria, fungal spores and other pathogens that can linger in them.

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Carpet cleaning quotes from Blacktown:


2 Bedroom home

Blacktown Aug 17, 2021
I dropped a bottle of red wine on the carpet in my living room and now I need to have it cleaned fast. How much will it cost? Do you offer grout cleaning?

Service: Carpet cleaning


3 Bedroom house

Blacktown May 20, 2021
Hi! I need house cleaning for the whole property. Also, the carpets are quite dirty and need professional cleaning. There are 4 carpets in total.

Service: Carpet cleaning, House cleaning


1 Bedroom unit

Blacktown Aug 11, 2021
Hello, we need carpet cleaning for two carpets in our bedroom and in our kitchen. There are urine stains How much will steam cleaning cost?

Service: Carpet cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Blacktown Prices

$95 $135 $210

The average price of carpet cleaning in Blacktown is $135.

Oven cleaning is the most common service people combine with carpet steam cleaning in Blacktown.

The majority of people, who book professional steam carpet cleaning in Blacktown have 2-bedroom properties.

25% of the clients in Blacktown become members of the Fantastic Club.

*Data has been extracted from our internal database for the past 12 months

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