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Get exclusive benefits by becoming a member of the Fantastic Club for an annual fee of only $69.

10% OFF Discount

Fantastic Club Members have flat 10% discount off on 20+ home cleaning and maintenance services.

Regular Cleaning

Enjoy a lower rate for Housekeeping. Get a members only discount of $1 per each hour for Regular Cleaning.

Premium Deals
and Advantages

Be the first to know about last-minute slots, new services and preferential offers.

Join the Fantastic Club

100% money-back guarantee on your membership within 30 days of purchase

Example of how it works

1. Become a member of the Fantastic Club

The annual Fantastic Club membership fee is just $69.

2. Save money on Regular Cleaning

3 hours x $1 = $3 per week. You will get back $48 within the first 4 months of the membership and $144 for the whole year!

3. Save money on all other services

You get 10% OFF each booking. For example, you book an Oven cleaning for $129 - 10% = save $12.9

4. For 1 year you saved...

$144 (Domestic Cleaning) + $12.9 (Oven cleaning service) = $156.9

How to become a Fantastic Club member?

Becoming a Fantastic Club member is really easy! Just fill in the membership form at the bottom of this page. Purchasing a membership can also be done by booking a service with these 4 easy steps:

Step 1: Choose the service you want to book and pick your desired time slot. Then select the discounted "Fantastic Club price".

Step 2: Click on the "Join the Fantastic Club" button to add the annual $69 Fantastic Club membership fee to your booking. The price of the service will then be automatically updated with the discounted price for members.

Step 3: Finish your booking by filling in your details to complete the payment of the service and the annual membership fee. If you are new to Fantastic Services, a Fantastic Account will be automatically created, where you will be able to view your membership and manage your upcoming appointments.

Step 4: Simply log in to your Fantastic Account every time you would like to book a service to benefit from your preferential Fantastic Club rates and enjoy your member perks.

Terms and Conditions

Enjoy your Fantastic Club benefits - anytime, anywhere!

Download the free GoFantastic app and book at preferential member rates whenever you want, wherever you are.

Become a member of the Fantastic Club now!

Simply submit your contact details and request your Fantastic Club membership. We’ll send you an email with more information regarding your membership fee payment.

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100% money-back guarantee on your membership within 30 days of purchase