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  • Certified, skilled and experienced local electricians
  • Improved electrical safety for your property
  • Diagnostic equipment and electrical tools provided
  • Great savings with the Fantastic Club
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How our electrical repair service works

1. Schedule your service online

Fill in the online booking form, use the GoFantastic app or simply call us to make your electrical service appointment.

2. A certified electrician gets to your address

The experienced and qualified electrician comes fully equipped with everything he needs to complete the job at hand.

3. A range of electrical services

From various electrical repair tasks to installing or replacing different types of fixtures and fittings, we are here to help you out.

4. Final functionality testing

Rest assured that the expert will inspect the results of the repair or installation job, to make sure that your electrical fittings are safe for use.

Why choose a Fantastic electrician in Melbourne for the job

We all know that it’s best to leave any electrical fixes or installations to a qualified electrician, who’s got the right tools, knowledge and experience to handle the task. Why? Well, “playing” with electricity is simply dangerous. And that’s not all. You might feel that you can do a few straightforward electrical jobs yourself alright… But if you overlook just one little thing, like connecting something to the wrong wire, you’ll just end up putting the safety of your home and family at risk of fire hazard or an electrical shock.

This is where Fantastic Services in Melbourne can come to the rescue! We work with local certified and qualified electricians, who have all the right diagnostic equipment and repair toolkits to complete a wide range of electrical tasks. In addition, you can hire a specialist with us at short notice, subject to availability, should you need to address some electrical problems at home as a matter of urgency.

Some of the benefits you get when you hire us:

  • Guaranteed satisfaction - Our electrical services are fully insured and backed up by expertise, attention to detail and proven professionalism.
  • Transparent rates - The electricians work at hourly rates and make sure that each job is done as efficiently as possible. Minimum charges apply (2 hours per booking).
  • Free quotes - You’ll be given a price estimate, free of charge, with no obligations to commit to booking the service.
  • Easy booking and real-time availability - If you want to request a service online, this couldn’t be any easier. Just download our mobile app or use the booking form!
  • Emergency services - Subject to availability, you can have a local electrician fix your electrical problem on the very same day of booking your appointment.
  • Benefits with the Fantastic Club - Join our Fantastic Club and save money on your electrical and other property maintenance services! Book with priority, enjoy some of our partners’ special deals and be the first to access our promotions!

What can you have fixed, replaced or installed by the skilled electrical expert?

The Fantastic electricians in Melbourne can assist you with a variety of electrical problems or installation jobs. Have a look at the list below, just as an example of what you can have repaired or fitted!

Electrical repair services

  • Diagnostics of electrical issues
  • Detailed investigation to identify electrical faults
  • Light switches and fixtures repairs
  • Domestic electrical appliance repairs
  • Doorbell repairs
  • Fixing tripping electrical units/fixtures
  • Electrical sockets repairs

  • Electrical replacement & installation services

  • Security lights installation/ replacement
  • Indoor and outdoor lighting installation
  • Faulty light fittings and switches replacement
  • Dimmer switches installation
  • Sockets replacement/installation
  • Fuse box replacement
  • Circuit breakers replacement
  • Rewiring
  • Doorbell replacement/installation
  • Appliances installation

  • How the service goes:

    1. The electrician, first, inspects the job at hand to see if he can fix or install things there and then, meaning no extra parts need to be ordered additionally.

    2. Then, he’ll turn off the electricity from the mains if necessary and do the repairs, install the fitting, or replace the old electrical fixture.

    3. The technician will finish off the job by performing a final inspection on his work to confirm that everything functions as it should.

    So, you can sit back and relax now, knowing that your home is free of any electrical issues.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Q: Can you help me install some garden lights?

      A: Yes, of course. The electricians can furnish your garden space with modern outdoor lighting for you to enjoy in the evenings.

    • Q: Are the technicians insured against damage?

      A: Absolutely. Rest assured that you’ll be completely covered by our comprehensive insurance, in the case of something going wrong.

    • Q: My oven is playing up. Can your electrician have a look at it?

      A: Of course, we actually offer expert oven repair services, as well as other electrical appliance repair solutions for your convenience.

    • Q: Do I need to provide the electrician with some materials?

      A: No, you don’t. The technician will bring tools and supplies to complete the service. If it happens that a replacement part of some sort needs to be sourced additionally, he’ll take care of that, too. Note that the pro may have to finish the job in a day or two, once the component has been delivered.

    • Q: What is your coverage?

      A: We provide our electrical services throughout the Melbourne area. If unsure about whether you can book us, just contact us to see if your location is part of our service coverage!

    • Q: I need to reschedule my appointment. How?

      A: You can do this through your Fantastic account within a couple of minutes. Just pick another day and time through the dashboard to postpone the service.

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