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Front yard landscaping, backyard landscaping - With your inspiration, we can make your dream garden

A beautifully and uniquely landscaped garden is a natural extension to your beautifully and uniquely designed home interior. The recipe for your complete garden makeover requires only two ingredients - your imagination and our expertise.

The Joy of Having a Custom-Tailored Garden - Here is a Glimpse

Whether you need a new stepping stone path in your backyard or you dream of a garden that has a totally new look, the landscape masters are here to help. They can deliver within the agreed timeframe and are confident to work on projects of any scale.

You will experience a truly all in one service that is designed not only to address structural changes to your private landscape but which will inevitably cater to the aesthetic side of your gardening project. The execution of a garden design job often involves the integration of contrasting elements and skills. A true landscaper has the expertise to apply your vision and unique ideas and at the same time, show a talent for balancing out features when a particular plan can be deemed unfeasible. The result is often an aesthetically pleasing garden, which gives you and your family simply joy.

Open the Door to Your New Garden with the Fantastic Landscapers

In different landscaping projects, there are always a number of unique elements that will make a garden exclusive and one of a kind. With Fantastic Gardeners the bridge to your custom-tailored green wonder, however, is supported on these pillars:

  • Viewing: The professional and experienced landscapers will assist you in refining your garden design ideas and discuss the planning process with you.
  • Equipment: The gardening experts are equipped with industry-powered tools and machinery.
  • Professionals: They are fully qualified, experienced and insured. Their landscaping expertise includes a mastership in a variety of skills - from laying a patio or turf to creating a beautiful rockery.
  • Execution: The landscaping technicians will follow your creative ideas and incorporate them into the project design. They will construct and artify your garden, transforming it into a stylish personal outdoor space.
  • Waste: We will assist you in organising the removal of all green waste that has been generated in the project.
  • Maintenance: After all of this work is done you most probably want to maintain your garden to look pristine all of the time. We can assist you with weeding, pruning and other services you may need. To see the full list of services we can offer you, go to our gardening maintenance page.
  • Mowing: What is a garden design without a good lawn care? The professional gardeners know they walk hand-in-hand. You can read more about our service on our lawn mowing page.

Frequently asked questions

  • Q: Can I still expect the landscapers to turn up if it is raining?

    A: Sure. Light rain is not a problem for the gardening technicians to carry on with your project. If the weather conditions are extreme, the service may need to be postponed. Please, note that some landscape projects may involve certain weather-permitting jobs.

  • Q: Will I get a price estimate before I agree to the service?

    A: Yes. As every customer has different ideas about how their garden should look, a viewing is first performed before any quotes can be given. This is when your landscape project will be discussed in detail.

  • Q: Can you help me remove my old shed as well?

    A: Yes. We can dismantle your garden structure that you no longer want and dispose of it accordingly. Additional costs apply for our waste removal services.

  • Q: Can you lay artificial turf?

    A: Yes, we can. Please, ensure that you specify your exact requirements to your landscape gardener during the viewing process.

  • Q: Does your company provide patio installation services?

    A: Yes. Our landscaping and garden design services cater for all aspects, related to transforming your outdoor space - from making structural changes to the landscape to carefully choosing the perfect plants for your private oasis.

  • Q: What if I the final price quote exceeds my budget?

    A: This does not have to be necessarily a problem. Alterations to the cost estimate can be made through adjusting the scope of work and through using alternative materials, in terms of type and brand. The experienced landscapers can help you leverage the allocated resources within your budget.

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