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A proven model for efficient pest control in Mount Waverley

We are a pest control company that truly cares about its customers, which is why we developed multi-step pest control solutions that ensure high-quality results. Here is what you can expect:


Before the treatment starts the type, extent and location of the infestation are established so that the correct measures can be implemented to eliminate it.


The treatment used will depend on the type of pest you are dealing with. For instance, squirrel control might require bait and strategic traps that allow the captured squirrels to be removed humanely.

Follow-up monitoring

After the treatment is carried out, we recommend that you stay alert and look for any signs of pest activity. You can arrange a secondary service in case you have booked a guaranteed treatment. This option is highly recommended for properties that are at high risk of reinfestation.


Some pest-prevention work, such as sealing up easily accessible entry points, will be completed by the pest controller at your first visit. You'll receive a written report which will include advice on actions you can take to reduce the risks of future infestations.

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  • Key collection and drop-off can be arranged -If you can't be at the premises for the service set up key collection and drop off.
  • Free cancellations and rescheduling - Cancel or amend books online or by phone. Give a minimum of 48 hours' notice and there's no charge.

The best pest control in Mount Waverley to keep your homes safe

Crawling insect control

We're talking about bed bugs, ants, termites, spiders, and all the other crawling pests that cause such a nuisance in Australian homes. They spread extremely quickly and DIY techniques often make matters worse. To avoid a serious infestation, we recommend that you book a 3-step pest treatment and we will take care of everything so you don't have any more critters chewing through your favourite table, cable or cloth.

Flea treatment

Fleas can be hard to control, purely because spot flea treatments for pets are not always 100% effective. So, if you've noticed that your cat or dog keeps scratching or worse, have spotted itchy bumps on your skin, then call in a professional pest technician to treat your entire home. The effective insecticide will kill the eggs, larvae and adult fleas, making it easier to eliminate the infestation after re-applying the spot treatment on your pet.

Wildlife control

Our humane capture service offers squirrel, bird, fox or possum removal. Traps are laid down and then visited daily to ensure that the animal is not trapped for an extended period of time. Some vermin is removed entirely from the premises. In the case of possums, it's a legal requirement that they're released close to the capture point. After the service, you'll be advised on how you can best secure your property against repeated wildlife invasions.

Flying pests

During the summer months, the last thing you need is a swarm of mosquitoes and flies invading your precious home. Or maybe a huge wasp nest that has taken over your favourite garden shed. Whatever your pest issues might be, the Frankston local technicians can successfully take care of the problem for you. Eradicating insects and removing bee and wasp nests is not a problem for our trained and experienced pest control experts.


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Real pest control quotes from Mount Waverley:

Carpet flea control

Mount Waverley Jun 13 2021
Hi, I wanted to know if you are able to add flea and deodoriser treatments to the carpet cleaning service I have arranged with you or if I would need to search for these elsew
here. Thanks.
... More

Service: Flea treatment

Rodent activity

Mount Waverley Dec 23 2021
Hi, I need a quote for pest control for our 3-bedroom house. I think the rodents are back again. I need the treatment to be done in the next two weeks, so please send me the q
uote by the end of the week. Thank you!
... More

Service: Mice control

Move out service

Mount Waverley Apr 04 2021
Doing move out cleaning. Need pest treatment after that. It's about 2-bedroom house. Can you please send me available hours fo the next week by email? What would be the price
of the service?
... More

Service: Move out pest control

How much does pest control in Mount Waverley cost?

The average cost for professional pest control in Mount Waverley is $301.

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1 in 5 customers becomes a member of our Fantastic Club and enjoys countless benefits!

Nearly 40% of our customers combine their pest treatment with a cleaning service!

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*Data has been extracted from our internal database for the past 12 months

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