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Choose local window cleaners who leave the glass gleaming and clean the frames as well.

  • Eco-friendly cleaning without detergents
  • Lifts dirt and insect debris from glass and surrounds
  • Improves the appearance of your property
  • Extends the lifespan of glazed units
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How the window cleaners in Beaconsfield work

The cleaners start your service by confirming the details provided when you booked.. They'll check the size and style of the units and confirm that they're suitable for water-fed-pole cleaning.

Frames are wiped down to remove dust or cobwebs to ready them for window washing, then a water purifying unit is connected to your water supply. Water is passed through the unit to remove minerals then the purified water is pumped up to the glass and through a brush.

Using demineralised water for cleaning means that there will be no streaks or deposits left behind. Purified water is also a more effective cleaning agent than plain tap water so this system eliminates the need for detergents.

Once the external glass has been cleaned the inside of the windows and internal frames and sills or ledges are cleaned by hand. If the cleaners spot any damage to the glass or frame whilst cleaning the window they'll photograph this so you can assess it and decide if you need to arrange repairs.

What you gain by booking specialist window cleaning in Beaconsfield

Calling on pros for your window cleaning saves you time and energy. They'll work to high standards and you benefit from:

Flexible appointment scheduling

Get your windows cleaned at the weekend or even on a public holiday if that's what suits you.

Easy management of your bookings

Make, change or cancel appointments 24/7 through our online platform. Or call our helpline if you prefer.

Polite, friendly, professional services

Delivered by fully insured technicians who treat your home with respect and yourself with courtesy.

Safer window cleaning

You'll never have to climb a wobbly ladder again. Working from the ground reduces the risk of damage to the glass too.

Windows that stay clean for longer

Using demineralised water leaves the glass perfectly smooth so dirt, dust and debris adhere to the surface less easily.

A more attractively presented property

Bright glass and spotless frames make your home or business look smart and well-cared for.

Other work to book alongside window cleaning in Beaconsfield

Pressure cleaning

Pressure cleaning is delivered by a trained specialist who uses a jet washer to lift dirt, mould, mildew, stains and chemical pollutants from patios, paths, wooden decks, walls and even some outdoor furniture. As with window washing, pressure cleaning is charged on the basis of the area to be cleaned. Get your window cleaning and pressure cleaning done on the same day to improve the appearance of your home, increase hygiene levels and maintain the cleaned surfaces in optimum condition.

End of lease cleaning (EOL)

EOL cleaning is designed to remove all traces of former tenants and prepare a property for reoccupation. The service is completed by a team of cleaners who work to a checklist which includes internal window cleaning. Adding specialist external window cleaning to the EOL package will showcase the cleaned property making it more attractive, more desirable and easier to relet.

Blinds cleaning

Both specialist blind cleaning and curtain cleaning can be booked as individual services or in combination with window cleaning. Dirty curtains detract from the appearance of clean windows so unless your window treatments have been recently cleaned we recommend getting them done at the same time as the window cleaners work. Fabric cleaners use steam or dry cleaning for curtains according to the needs of the fabric or wipe plastic, wooden or other sorts of blinds with cleaning products designed for the specific material in question.

Spring cleaning

Spring cleaning is a one-off cleaning service for occupied homes. You'll set your own cleaning tasklist and decide if you want the work completed by a single cleaner or a team. You even decide the length of the appointment. Adding external window cleaning to spring cleaning is a great finishing touch. When your home looks and smells fresh, clean windows will allow the maximum amount of natural light into the property and increase the benefits of the other work done.


average job price

3h 15m

average job duration


windows cleaned


booked oven cleaning too

*Data has been extracted from our internal database for the past 12 months

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Window cleaning quotes from Beaconsfield

2 Sliding doors

Beaconsfield VIC Jan 11, 2022
Hi, I need a quote - 1 bedroom property + window cleaning for two big sliding doors. How much will it cost?

Service: Window cleaning

oven, 5 windows

Beaconsfield VIC 13 Feb, 2022
Oven Clean and benchtops in a small kitchen. 4-5 small to med size windows. bathroom clean. Need quote

Service: Window cleaning

22 windows in & out

Beaconsfield VIC 4 Mar, 2022
Need a quote for window cleaning (inside and out) for my 4 bedroom, two storey home, please. Thanks

Service: Window cleaning

How much does window cleaning in Beaconsfield cost?

The average cost for window cleaning in Beaconsfield is $235. This could include in and out cleaning.

35% of people booked fly screen cleaning as well.

3h 15m is the average duration of the job.

1/3 of our customers become members of the Fantastic Club.

110 235 655

*Data has been extracted from our internal database for the past 12 months

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