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Window Cleaning

What benefits do you get from our window cleaning in Penrith?

Long-lasting protection

The methods and products we employ guarantee a long-lasting effect and help prolong the life of your windows.

Environmentally friendly methods

Every team of technicians is equipped with professional tools, purified water and specialised eco-friendly products only.

Flexible schedule

Booking available for any day of the week, including weekends and public holidays at no extra charge!

Friendly and helpful window cleaners

All window cleaners are experts in their field! They are locally based, certified and trained to always deliver quality results.

Special offers

We offer special discounts when you book multiple services with us, but by joining the Fantastic Club, you become entitled to even more amazing deals!

Suitable for both domestic and business clients

We offer services to home and business owners, real estate agencies, landlords and tenants alike!

Here is what to expect of our window cleaning service in Penrith

Meet the professionals

A certified window cleaner will arrive at your property bringing all the necessary tools. They will need to park as close to the building as possible since the purified water we use is fed through an extension pole, connected to their van.

Inspecting the property

Upon arrival, the technician will inspect the property. They will set up their equipment and prepare for work. Since we use an extension water-fed pole that can reach up to the 4th floor, there won’t be a need for ladders, thus eliminating any health hazard, while ensuring your privacy during the service, as well.

Window washing

The window cleaner will begin by cleaning the frames, then they will move on to washing the windows. The glass will be cleaned twice, firstly to loosen and remove most of the dirt and secondly to ensure all residue is rinsed away completely. While exterior windows are cleaned using demineralised water only, for interior windows, we use squeegees and eco-friendly detergents.

Relax and enjoy your smear-free windows

The windows are left to dry naturally, as purified water leaves no streaks behind. If you are happy with the results, why not book our regular window cleaning service for your home or business and have windows that impress all year long?

What extra services you can enjoy in Penrith

Gutter cleaning

While having your windows cleaned, why not get your gutters free of dirt and debris, as well? Clogged roof drainage systems make for an ideal home for pests, so regular cleaning of gutters and downpipes can reduce this risk. To guarantee free-flowing gutters, the service is conducted by qualified specialists, equipped with all the necessary tools to achieve high-standard results.

Spring cleaning

This service is ideal if you are looking to clean your whole property but you don’t have the time or you are simply waiting for guests that you want to impress with brilliant cleanliness. A friendly team of professionals will come to your place fully equipped and ready to take the weight off your shoulders.

End of lease cleaning

Planning on moving out of your rental property? Then, our vacate cleaning service is just for you! Designed to ensure you receive your deposit back, the service is not hourly-based, which means the Fantastic cleaners will stay as long as needed to clean your property up to standards. The team will come equipped with all necessary tools and detergents to guarantee all parts of your property are left deep cleaned and as shiny as possible.

Pressure cleaning service

Combined with our window cleaning service, the pressure washing of outdoor surfaces can help you enhance the look of your house, while saving you time and effort. By using a pressure washer and water, we employ a highly effective, environmentally friendly method to wash all sorts of stains and buildups from exterior surfaces like walls, driveways, fences and many more.


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Window cleaning quotes from Penrith:


Small house

Penrith Dec 17, 2021
Hello, I need a window cleaning service. It's for a small house, I want some of the top windows on the first floor to be cleaned from outside. I've attached some photos. Could
you please send me a quote?
... More

Service: Window cleaning


French windows

Penrith Nov 30, 2021
Hello there, I need a quote for cleaning of two double windows and and three French windows. They all are on the ground floor. I need the service for the next week. Thank you!

Service: Window cleaning


Two-story house

Penrith Oct 23, 2021
Hi, I need a quote for window cleaning in a two-story house from inside and out. They are 17 windows in total, 2 of them are unusual shaped. Is it possible to arrange the clea
ning for next Monday morning? Thank you!
... More

Service: Window cleaning

What’s our window cleaning price in Penrith?

$115 $300 $485

Average cost for window cleaning in Penrith is $300 which could include in and outside cleaning.

Fly screens is a desired bonus item in Penrith, but oven cleaning is the most book service together with windows.

The most desired booking slot is Monday at 09:00 AM.

1/3 of people also booked the Fantastic Club to get lower prices.

*Data has been extracted from our internal database for the past 12 months

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