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Professional window cleaning in South Yarra for a sparkling shine

Bring more light to your home or office by making your windows almost invisible

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  • Prevent your windows from damage by a regular cleaning
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Why professional window cleaning in South Yarra?

The most common reason to book a window cleaning service in South Yarra is convenience. Everyone knows that in order to clean the windows of your entire home you need to spend a whole day off just for that. Especially when you have 20 glass panels and what not.

So people prefer not to be bothered by such unpleasant tasks and just leave it to professionals. Plus, you won’t have to buy microfibre cloths, ladders, poles, scrapers and squeegees.

Another great benefit is quality. Even if you have the time and you don’t mind the work, not everyone does a good job with window cleaning. But a professional team can make them transparent as they were on day one.

How do you do window cleaning in South Yarra?

First, you have to give us a good description of what you want to be done. Which level you live on and how many floors, how many windows, the exact type - small, double, large, French, if you have any glass doors, window tracks, fly screens, blinds that need to be taken care of, as well, and your overall priorities for the service. All of this will help us determine the final price and give you an accurate estimate.

After that, the cleaners will come fully equipped and ready to clean everything as you requested. The frames are included in the service.

This applies to offices and storefronts too.

So ease your life and schedule your fully insured window cleaning service in South Yarra with us and leave the hard work to the professionals!


average price

3h 10min

average job duration


booked in&out cleaning

*Data has been extracted from our internal database for the past 12 months

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Window cleaning quotes from South Yarra:

1 Large window, 2 french doors, 18 sqm balcony

-37.8401, 144.9954 17 Nov 2019
I would like to get my first floor balcony slate pressure cleaned as it has road dust and bird droppings on it. I would also like to get the large windows and the glass surrou
nding the baloncy cleaned after the pressure cleaning has been done.
... More

Service: Window, Pressure cleaning

14 windows one side

-37.8401, 144.9954 23 Jan 2020
Just wanted to quote inside window cleaning of the whole house

Service: Window cleaning

22 windows in & out

-37.8401, 144.9954 07 Apr 2019
I would like a window cleaning (inside and out) quote for my 4 bedroom, two storey home, please.

Service: Window cleaning

How much does window cleaning in South Yarra cost?

The average price for window cleaning in South Yarra is $129.

Usually the time for a window cleaning job is 3 hours and 10 minutes

1/3 of people booked fly screen cleaning with their windows

91 129 409

*Data has been extracted from our internal database for the past 12 months

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