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Hedge trimming

Learn more about some of the gardening services we offer in Carlisle


If you lack the time to plant your seasonal blooming or green plants, your trusted local gardeners will do that for you! They are experienced in planting/replanting both flower and veggie beds, as well as take care of any potted plants. You can also ask your gardeners for expert tips on what plants will suit your green space the best and get them delivered by the gardening team.

Garden maintenance

You can count on your local gardeners for a complete recovery and regular maintenance of your garden. The service can include watering, fertilising, planting/replanting of various plants, care for your veggie beds, manual weeding, garden clearing, as well as assistance and helpful tips on other garden-related tasks.

Garden clearance

If you need to have your overgrown garden tamed and cleared of any unwanted vegetation, worry no more! The Fantastic gardeners in Bedford have all the tools to get the task done, so you can start planning on what to plant and how to design your yard.

Shrubs and tree care

Your evergreens will thrive under the care of the Fantastic gardeners! Pruning of overgrown branches, trimming and shaping of bushes can be jobs, included as part of your garden maintenance service.

Here is how we do our gardening jobs in Carlisle

We offer a fully customisable gardening experience that will fit any type of property. No matter if it's for your home or office building, with Fantastic services you can book a service that will fulfil your every need. Here is how we perform our gardening services in Carlisle:

Welcome the Carlisle gardeners

The gardeners will arrive at your address fully equipped with industry-grade gardening tools and equipment. We always send a team of two specialists for maximum efficiency. Note that you can benefit from a one-off garden maintenance service, say, get help with a seasonal odd gardening job, or take advantage of regular sessions from the team, in order to maintain your green space flourishing and presentable throughout the year.

Your gardening to-do list completed

Share your detailed gardening instructions with the team, and they'll get down to work. Note that you can arrange for the team to come whenever you need them to, be it on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis.

Garden maintenance

When they are finished with everything, you will be called to inspect. If everything is okay, the gardeners will clear up the area and even take up to 180L of green waste for free. If you want them to clean everything that exceeds the 180L included in the service, you can add this to your appointment for a small extra charge.

Enjoy the lovely results

Tell us what you think about our newly reshaped garden. Were the hedges trimmed properly? Was your lawn mowed the way you wanted it to? Do you enjoy the flowers planted? Help us keep delivering the highest standard of service possible!

The advantages of hiring a Fantastic team of gardeners in Carlisle

All your gardening requests are covered by a single company with results far superior to competitors.

  • Same-day visits available - The in-laws are coming surprisingly for the weekend, and the long-postponed gardening work needs to be done ASAP? Just contact us online, you can book a same-day service if there is an available time slot.
  • Improved property's kerb appeal - With their skills and plant knowledge, rest assured that your green space will look aesthetically pleasing. Thus, this will also add value to your property.
  • Gardening maintenance advice - The experts will be happy to share some excellent tips with you, so you can get the most out of your garden.
  • Contactless service - In case you're not at home or you don't want to meet up, you don't have to. The gardening team can let themselves in if you just provide them with access. They'll complete the job and leave without you even noticing.
  • Commercial gardening services - Every garden is unique, so we'll follow your specific requirements and personalise your gardening services to meet your needs.
  • Professional equipment - You don't need to worry about providing anything for the service - the professionals will arrive fully equipped with tools, equipment, and materials.

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*Data has been extracted from our internal database for the past 12 months

You can become a member of the Fantastic Club today and take advantage of all the amazing benefits that come with it, including discounted rates and special offers.

Gardening quotes from Carlisle:


Garden tasks

Carlisle Mar 16, 2022
Hello, I am looking for a gardener to do some tasks in my garden. The back lawn needs mawing and the driveway needs edging and cleaning. Weeds in concrete removed if possible,
please. Send a quote first, please
... More

Service: Gardening


Bush trimming

Carlisle Apr 28, 2022
Hello, I have some small bushes and a small tree that need trimming, also there are some rose bushes needing to be trimmed. I need the service to be performed in the next Mond
ay. Send a quote, please.
... More

Service: Gardening


Small garden

Carlisle Sep 3, 2021
Hello, I have a small backyard that needs weeding and I also have a bush surrounding the place that needs to be maintained. Do you offer regular visits? Can you give a quote,
... More

Service: Gardening

How much does a gardening service in Carlisle cost?

$129 $234 $319

The average cost of our professional gardening services in Carlisle is around $234.

72% of our customers in the Carlisle area request a regular gardening service.

One out of five gardening customers in Carlisle takes advantage of our Fantastic Club membership!

Nearly 35% of our customers combine professional gardening service with Fantastic cleaning!

*Data has been extracted from our internal database for the past 12 months

Interested in starting your own gardening business in Carlisle?

Starting your own business can be a terrifying prospect. There is so much that goes into starting a business that can put off the uninitiated. But not if you're a franchise partner of Fantastic Services. You will get all the support you need with your business, including supplying you with a suitable vehicle, tools, and clients to get you started. Plus, you'll have access to our Fantastic Academy, which offers a whole host of training courses, ensuring you are armed with all the knowledge that you need to get the job done. Join us today and get started with your franchise!

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