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    You have the opportunity to book a service by filling our online booking form, getting in touch with us by the phone or the easiest way - by downloading the GoFantastic mobile app. You may also enquire our services in the live chat on our website.

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    The service always starts with a pest inspection. The pest controller carefully examines the affected areas and determines what treatment method will be suitable for your pest problem. That way he will decide what industry-grade product have to be used for your property.

    Service report

    When the service is done, the exterminator will provide you with a report and helpful safety information. You’ll also get pest prevention tips on how to protect your home/office against future vermin infestation.

    Don’t miss the opportunity to get discounts. You don’t have to pay the full price every time you book a service from us. Just join our Fantastic Club and receive discounts up to $40 for pest control or any other service we can provide in your town. Our membership program is waiting for you.

    Support small local business by hiring a Fantastic pest control pro

    Professional Pest Controller

    Fantastic Services have pest control franchisees in Sydney from 2016. The pest extermination team is fully trained and licensed. They're experts in evaluating the level of pest infestation and take proper actions to come up with an effective solution. The team uses industry-tested products to assure a safe home environment. They arrive promptly at your property ready to handle any pest problem.

    The pest control in Sydney can handle all types of insect and rodent infestations - from ants, cockroaches and spiders to mice and rats, they use an individual approach for every pest. The pest control methods they use are traps and baits set up, fumigation, disinfection, dusting and spraying, relocating and removing protected animals.

    "Thank you Fantastic Services for helping our family getting rid of the ant infestation so quickly. I appreciate your affordable service and flexible working time." - Kameron J.

    Invest in a no-risk franchise model and grow up your small pest removal business. If you have the rights and qualifications through Australia, we have a proposal for you. We’ll give you marketing and sales support from an experienced franchise consultant. You’ll also receive ongoing support and training opportunities. Start your franchise business in Sydney now! Learn more about our business offer!

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      Frequently asked questions

      • Q: Can I book a service at the weekend?

        A: Yes, our company operates 7 days a week, including national and bank holidays.

      • Q: Is your company insured?

        A: Yes, Fantastic Services is registered, licensed and insured property maintenance service provider. Our pest controllers are insured as well.

      • Q: Do you offer a possum removal service?

        A: Yes, we do. The franchise partners we work with, specialize in various types of insect and rodent removal services. From termite, ant and cockroach treatment to possum and rodent control, and many more. You can check attendant availability by filling your postcode one step up.

      • Q: What do pest control techs do?

        A: Depending on the service you've booked, we provide single and multiple visit treatment. When you book a full service, you have the right to request 2 more visits within 3 months. Otherwise, If you book only one visit, our vermin controller will make a pest inspection when arriving at your property. He will treat your pest problem and you’ll be provided with protocol and safety tips at the end of the service.

      • Q: How do I become a good pest control technician?

        A: If you have the experience and the right to work as a pest control specialist in Australia, you can join our Fantastic family. We give support from day one and full-service training. You’ll get guaranteed jobs by investing in a no-risk franchise model with us. Contact us to learn more about the business offer.

      • Q: Can I book a service after dark? I don’t want my neighbours to know about my pest problems?

        A: Yes, we can send pest exterminator in a non-branded vehicle to perform the requested service. Our company understand and conform to all customer concerns and could be discreet if asked to.

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