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Services you can combine with your gardening in Carlingford

Pressure washing

Ideal for spring-cleaning your patio, decking or driveway, it's gentle on the paved area and hard on the accumulated dirt. Also, pressure washing can be booked to wash your garden fence, outdoor furniture, facade or any other suitable exterior hard surface.

Lawn maintenance

Want to see your lawn looking thriving and vibrant but it takes so much effort to keep it that way? Not a problem! The Fantastic gardeners know how to work wonders with a green space! Besides grass mowing and edging, they can expertly perform lawn feeding, overseeding, chemical/manual weeding and irrigation.

Hedge care

Let the Carlingford garden experts take care of the hedges to your desires. Get rid of dead or diseased branches, stimulate healthy growth and maintain a appealing edge that will impress everyone passing by.

Planting and transplanting

No time to transplant your seedlings or potted plants into your garden? We've got you covered! Just book a team of gardeners with us and they'll follow you exact planting requirements. And that's not all! We can even deliver the plants of your choice right to your doorstep.

How our gardening service in Carlingford is performed

So, you've contacted us, and we've organised a service session for the required day and time - what's next?

Your gardeners arrive

Well, we'll send you a team of 2 experienced professionals to perform the requested gardening tasks. They'll arrive for the service fully prepared with industry-grade gardening tools, special equipment, and high-quality products so that they can achieve the best possible service results.

Your gardening to-do list completed

Feel free to leave a list of requorements and jobs in the priority order of your choice and the gardening team will follow it by the letter. You can update the tasks, according to your requirements, the weather specifics that day or to meet the seasonal needs of your garden.

Relax while the work gets done

The gardening crews we rely on have all the qualifications and experience in transforming your garden and maintaining it to look lush and beautiful. Their expert knowledge on plants and how to care for them has been proven over the years, during which they have been part of Fantastic Services. So, rest asured that your backyard space, green areas and flower beds will be in great hands!

More free time for yourself

Feel free to let us know how the service went for you, whether you've had your bushes trimmed, your lawn cleared of debris or some new plants transferred to your newly created flower beds. In any way, we love to hear from any of our clients, in order to keep providing the highest standard of service.

Why should you book a gardening service in Carlingford

We add value to our gardening services by delivering a number of additional benefits!

  • Same-day gardening services - The same-day appointments are subject to availability but we always strive to respond to same-day requests in a timely manner.
  • Using advanced gardening equipment - The local Fantastic gardening professionals always come prepared with the proper knowledge and the latest tools for the job.
  • Serving business clients, too - We serve not only private homeowners and tenants in Brookfield, Melbourne and the surrounding neighbourhoods, but also business proprietors.
  • Fantastic Club perks - If you become a member of the Fantastic Club, you'll benefit from special rates, credits towards a range of services and other perks for a whole year.
  • Personalised approach - You can change your appointment completely for free and make it a unique experience based on your specific requirements.
  • Gardening advice straight from the experts - The gardening specialists will give you advice on how to maintain and care for your garden after the service is done.

jobs done


gardens redesigned


lawns brought back to life


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*Data has been extracted from our internal database for the past 12 months

You can become a member of the Fantastic Club today and take advantage of all the amazing benefits that come with it, including discounted rates and special offers.

Gardening quotes from Carlingford:


Large yard

Carlingford Jan 17, 2022
Good morning. Can you give me a quote for general garden maintenance? Yard is around 80 sq.m. Has bushes, hedges, lawn. There are green waste bin. Contact me if you need more
details. Thanks!
... More

Service: Gardening


Regular service

Carlingford Mar 6, 2022
Hi, I need lawn maintenance as a regular service. It's around 50-60 m2 lawn that needs professional care, it's in quite good condition. How much will it costs? Do you offer we
ekend visits? Thank you!
... More

Service: Gardening


Front and backyard

Carlingford Dec 23, 2021
Hello, I have a front and backyard which need weeding and waste removal - maybe a general clearance. Do you include waste removal? I have a bin outside. Send a quote please. T
... More

Service: Gardening

How much does a gardening service in Carlingford cost?

$132 $267 $367

The average cost of our professional gardening services in Carlingford is around $267.

67% of our customers in the Carlingford area request a regular gardening service.

One out of five gardening customers in Carlingford takes advantage of our Fantastic Club membership!

Nearly 35% of our customers combine professional gardening service with Fantastic cleaning!

*Data has been extracted from our internal database for the past 12 months

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