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  • One-off and regular gardening solutions available
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Hedge trimming

Some of the gardening jobs we can help you with in Penrith

Grass cutting and lawn care

We can help you with mowing your grass on a regular basis, feeding, watering and weeding your lawn, as well as complete a variety of seasonal lawn care jobs like topdressing, overseeding, dethatching and so on.

Hedge trimming

Maintaining your hedge nice and tidy is important for your property's overall presentable look. It is hard to do so, however, without the help of special machinery and experienced hands. That's why booking professional gardeners - experts in hedge pruning and shaping, is the best you can do for your hedge.


Weeding is a laborious and never-ending gardening task, of course, and it can be hard on your back or knees. Hence, why not leave it to the fit and skilled gardeners we work with, and enjoy your spare time doing something far more enjoyable and interesting?

Garden clearance

Now and again, we all get into a situation where the garden becomes a bit neglected and overgrown. That dying rose bush, which you've been meaning to remove or the bottom corner of your green space that's been overtaken by weeds and long grasses... Just say it, you could do with some help! Then, don't wait for a minute longer but contact us today!

Here is how we do our gardening jobs in Penrith

The trusted gardeners will follow your list of gardening tasks closely and complete them professionally.

Your gardeners arrive

Well, we'll send you a team of 2 qualified professionals to perform the requested gardening tasks. They'll arrive for the service fully equipped with industry-grade gardening tools, special equipment, and high-quality products so that they can achieve the best possible service results.

Discuss your gardening needs

It's best if you make a list of priority gardening tasks and give it to the team. They will follow your instructions closely and do their best to complete everything within the hours you have scheduled. If you book our regular garden maintenance services, feel free to update the list of jobs, according to what your garden needs at the time.

Thriving garden as an end result

Every gardening job will be completed in a professional and timely manner, with great care and strong attention to detail, following your to-do list. Don't worry if you are not sure about what kind of gardening work needs to be done with your green space - your experienced gardeners will be happy to share their professional opinion and give you helpful tips on what's best for your garden.

Your garden is now in perfect shape

Now that your garden has received the professional care it deserves, just enjoy the lovely results! And don't forget that you can benefit from our regular gardening service so that your backyard looks presentable at all times.

Why go with Fantastic Services for your gardening services in Penrith

We add value to our gardening services by providing you with a number of additional benefits!

  • Professional equipment - The gardeners come equipped with tools for any job they might face, whether it be tree pruning or lawn mowing.
  • Same-day gardening services - The same-day appointments are subject to availability but we always strive to respond to same-day requests in a timely manner.
  • Competitive rates - We do the best to keep our rates competitive for our clients all year round - reduced during the winter and affordable during the summer season.
  • Benefits for loyal customers - If you join our Fantastic Club for a year, you'll enjoy special rates, priority booking and case handling, as well as credits towards services and more.
  • You can book us online - You can book a one-off gardening service if you just need a single gardening task completed, such as winterising your garden, for instance. Regular garden maintenance is also available and highly recommended for best results.
  • Customer-oriented approach - Our garden maintenance services are available to business property owners, too, so your company's green space can be attractive and inviting at all times.

jobs done


gardens redesigned


lawns brought back to life


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*Data has been extracted from our internal database for the past 12 months

You can become a member of the Fantastic Club today and take advantage of all the amazing benefits that come with it, including discounted rates and special offers.

Gardening quotes from Penrith:


Regular gardening

Penrith Mar 3, 2022
Hello, I need garden maintenance for my backyard. It's not a small garden - needs weeding, tree pruning, there are bushes and hedges. I think it could be done on a monthly bas
... More

Service: Gardening


Big garden work

Penrith Jan 10, 2021
I have a big garden that needs fixing. There is a lawn, pruning, trimming, and the whole green waste has to be removed. There is a green bin in the garden.

Service: Gardening


Regular service

Penrith Mar 6, 2022
Hi, I need lawn maintenance as a weekly service. It's around 50-60 m2 lawn that needs professional care, it's in quite good condition. What would be the price? Do you offer we
ekend slots? Thank you!
... More

Service: Gardening

How much does a gardening service in Penrith cost?

$122 $266 $332

The average cost of our professional gardening services in Penrith is around $266.

67% of our customers in the Penrith area request a regular gardening service.

One out of five gardening customers in Penrith takes advantage of our Fantastic Club membership!

Nearly 35% of our customers combine professional gardening service with Fantastic cleaning!

*Data has been extracted from our internal database for the past 12 months

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