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See some of the popular pest removal services we offer in Carnegie

Commercial pest control

Pests don't discriminate and they will attack any property, even if it's your business or office building. Save yourself the trouble and call the professionals before it's too late. For our commercial clients, we offer specialised pest treatments such as full fumigation of the premises, which is one of the most effective pest control methods. We guarantee to keep your business safe with the high-end pest treatment and dedicated professionals.

Mice control

Removing mice from your own property is always challenging. DIY solutions are often risky - for the mice or for you! But letting rodents remain is dangerous too. Mice can spread disease and leave droppings everywhere in addition to always searching for available food. We use humane methods to ensure full removal.

Insect control

From fleas to bed bugs, Fantastic Services provides effective and safe extermination of insects. Your technician will be a trained, certified and experienced professional who'll deliver the most appropriate treatment regime and advise you on any steps you should take to ensure that once the insects are gone, they stay gone.

Cockroach control

Roaches are not just heinous but also harmful to humans and pets' health. They are also extremely adaptive environment changes, thus, hard to get rid of. Luckily, when professionally treated, they can be eradicated without too much hassle. Our experienced exterminators are certified to work with a full range of approved insecticides to eliminate roach colonies successfully. When dealing with a severe infestation, it is recommended to book a guaranteed service to ensure the pest problem is resolved completely.

How our pest control services in Carnegie go

Fully-guaranteed pest control is delivered through a structured process that ensures the best results:

Inspection. The pest expert will complete an inspection to determine the location and extent of the infestation and determine the most appropriate method to resolve the problem.

Treatment. The pest control solution selected is always tailored to the type of insect or vermin to be treated, the severity of the problem and the property where the work is to be done.

Observation. Some pest control measures work quickly, others take a few weeks to show their full effects. Depending on the service you've selected you'll be instructed on how to assess the results of the treatment yourself or the exterminator will arrange a follow-up visit.

Preventative measures. As the most important matter in pest control is prevention, you will be given expert tips on how to keep the pesky vermin away. The Fantastic pest exterminators will also provide you with a written report, describing the pest removal process and the pesticides used.

Additional benefits from your expert pest control solution in Carnegie

Speedy interventions and guaranteed results are central to effective pest control - we deliver both of these things.

  • Health and safety matter the most - Pests are resistant to many pesticides available for non-professional use, so professional formulas work better.
  • Reference vetted, trustworthy personnel - Professionals work according to industry approved standards using the most effective products available to resolve the pest problem.
  • A full pest control experience - We offer a three-step service that includes a thorough inspection, expert treatment and prevention techniques to ensure you won't get the same pest problem in the future.
  • Detailed instructions and advice - Your local exterminators will explain every step they take and anything you should do to ensure the work they complete is effective.

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Real pest control quotes from Carnegie:


Bed bug control

Carnegie Dec 15 2021
We have bed bugs at home. There are bite marks and it's very annoying. It's a 3-bedroom property and they are everywhere I suppose. Do you offer late appointments and what is
the price?
... More

Service: Bed bugs


Dead bees in backyard

Carnegie Jan 03 2022
Hello there, I just moved into a new house and I have dead bees in my backyard every day. How much does it cost to come onsite and inspect is there any infestation? Thank you!

Service: Pest control inspection


Rodents Treatment

Carnegie Jun 05 2021
Hello, We suspect a rodent infestation in our property as we hear some noise in the granny flat foundation, next to the house. Can you do an inspection in the next few weeks?
Thank you!
... More

Service: Mice control

How much does a pest control service in Carnegie cost?

$199 $306 $478

The average cost for professional pest control in Carnegie is $306.

Almost 80% of our customers in Carnegie request a second (follow-up) visit.

1 in 5 customers becomes a member of our Fantastic Club and enjoys countless benefits!

Nearly 40% of our customers combine their pest treatment with a cleaning service!

*Data has been extracted from our internal database for the past 12 months

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