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Pest extermination services offered in Forest Hill

Wildlife control

Pigeons, squirrels or possums can set up homes in attics and other inaccessible spaces. Some vermin could even cause structural damage to your property, while others act as disease vectors. Our pest controllers will set humane traps to capture the animals. Once caught they are either removed from your property or, if required by law, released near the capture point. Your professional will also assist or advise on sealing your property so that released wildlife can't return.

Bed bug treatment

Domestically available insecticides may not work on bed bugs as they are resistant to many commonly used chemicals. Certified technicians stay current on effective formulas and use professional compounds which will kill these beasts. Treatments to exterminate bed bugs generally need to be done in two rounds. The first round kills adults, the second is completed 2 or 3 weeks later to kill any eggs that have hatched since the first visit. Your technician will also advise on measures you should take to maximise the efficiency of bed bug control.

Insect control

From fleas to bed bugs, Fantastic Services provides effective and safe extermination of insects. Your technician will be a trained, certified and experienced professional who'll deliver the most appropriate treatment regime and advise you on any steps you should take to ensure that once the insects are gone, they stay gone.

Termite control

Leave the elimination of a termite infestation to the knowledgeable pest exterminators at Fantastic Services! Termite control usually involves more than one visit and treatment with the use of professional insecticides and monitoring stations. Termite prevention is also important, so our experts will gladly advise you on the matter at the end of your termite control session.

What happens when you book pest removal in Forest Hill

The pest exterminator follows a proven procedure to rid your property of pests and protect it from them in the future.

Survey. One of the certified pest controllers will arrive promptly on the day of the service to conduct a thorough inspection to determine the infestation levels and type of pest.

Treatment. The pest control solution selected is always tailored to the type of insect or vermin to be treated, the severity of the problem and the property where the work is to be done.

Monitoring. In the case of a severe infestation, you can order a guaranteed pest removal service, which includes free-of-charge follow-up inspections and treatments, if needed. Note that some of our services, such as bed bug control and termite treatment come with more than one visit by default.

Prevention. As the most important matter in pest control is prevention, you will be given professional tips on how to keep the pesky vermin away. The Fantastic pest controllers will also provide you with a written report, describing the pest removal process and the pesticides used.

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Real pest control quotes from Forest Hill:


Rats on the roof

Forest Hill Dec 22 2021
Today I saw a rat on the roof. {Could|Can be just passing through, but it's better to be safe. It's a 3-bedroom property. I want to book a porfessional pest inspection for the
next week. Do you have available slots?
... More

Service: Rat control


Mice/rats problem

Forest Hill Dec 20 2021
Hi there, I have problems with mice. One chewed through a water pipe under the sink. After a couple of days there we found mouse droppings here and there in the house. They ar
e not eating rat baits Please give me a quote.
... More

Service: Mice control


Wasp nest treatment

Forest Hill Apr 09 2021
Good day. We have wasps infestation outside. Please help! It's on the front fence and it's really annoying. We'd like to book the soonest slot available. Send a quote, please.
Thnaks a lot.
... More

Service: Wasp control

How much does a pest control service in Forest Hill cost?

$226 $290 $444

The average cost for professional pest control in Forest Hill is $290.

Almost 70% of our customers in Forest Hill request a second (follow-up) visit.

1 in 5 customers becomes a member of our Fantastic Club and enjoys countless benefits!

Nearly 40% of our customers combine their pest treatment with a cleaning service!

*Data has been extracted from our internal database for the past 12 months

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