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How our pest control services in Knoxfield go

Certified pest control technicians follow a efficient treatment model to rid your home of pests and help you ensure they don't return.


To understand the type of pest, the degree of infestation and why it happened.

Vermin-deterrent or pesticidal treatment

Based on the property inspection, the pest exterminator will decide what is the best course of action and opt for the most effective treatment. This includes what insect or rodent control methods and products will be used.


We offer guaranteed services that include further observation, and follow-up inspections and treatments if needed. So, if you spot any remaining pest activity after the initial treatment, contact us again!


When your property has been cleared of the pest infestation, we will give you tips on how to protect it against infestations in the future. Remember that you should take action whenever you see signs of pest activity. This is the best way to protect your property from pesky insects, rodents, and possums.

Benefits of choosing professional pest control in Knoxfield

Benefit from the use of professional quality pesticides administered safely by a qualified technician. You also get:

  • Book same-day and emergency extermination - You want to get rid of the pesky vermin ASAP? We will do our best to send a pest removal specialist within hours!
  • Loyalty program perks - Our members experience low rates, premium booking slots, and special deals for the low price of $89 per year!
  • Competitive rates, with no hidden fees - Opt for a single visit to nip problems in the bud, or an extended treatment program for severe infestations.
  • Contactless service options - Request key collection and drop off if you don't want to or can't meet the pest specialist at your home.

Pest extermination services offered in Knoxfield

Flea treatment

It is quite unpleasant to deal with fleas. They are tiny, quick, impossible to catch. The only effective approach is by using reliable insecticides. We've got the means and the know-how to eliminate such infestations. Fleas stand no chance against the pest control methods that we have developed so book your service today and forget about your troubles. As an added benefit, if you have dogs or cats in your home, they will be quite thankful for taking care of the problem.

Bed bugs control

Bed bugs are a widely-spread pest but since they are almost invisible and hide in mattresses, we don't realise their presence before getting these irritating bed bug bites. Аt this point, the bed bug infestation has become quite serious and seeking professional help is the best thing you can do. An experienced pest removal specialist knows just the right treatment for you and how to execute it safely and effectively. Note that you may be asked to do some prep work, such as take off the linen and wash it on high temperature.

Crawling pests

We're talking about bed bugs, ants, termites, spiders, and all the other crawling pests that cause such a nuisance in Australian homes. They spread extremely quickly and DIY techniques often make matters worse. To avoid a serious infestation, we recommend that you book a 3-step pest treatment and we will take care of everything so you don't have any more critters chewing through your favourite table, cable or cloth.

Pest control for business

Pests are constantly looking for food and shelter, and sometimes they might find it in your office building, shop or restaurant. In such cases, you can trust Fantastic Services for discreet and effective pest treatments for any business, especially the ones in the food industry. One of the pest control services we offer is a full fumigation treatment which has proven to be very effective for many businesses in Frankston.


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Real pest control quotes from Knoxfield:


Rodent infestation

Knoxfield Jun 05 2021
Hi there, can you please assist me to arrange a pest treatment service for my one-bedroom apartment. In my non-professional opinion we have a rat situation here, however I can
't confirm for sure if that's the real problem. Please be quick in quotation, thank you!
... More

Service: Mice control


3-bedroom property

Knoxfield Apr 12 2021
Hi, I need a pest control treatment for my double-story, 3-bedroom house. I can hear the rodents in the walls, usually during the night. What would be the price with Fantastic
club? Thank you.
... More

Service: Mice control


Wasp nest treatment

Knoxfield Aug 07 2021
Good day. We have wasps infestation outside. Please help! It's on the front fence and it's really annoying. We'd like to book the soonest slot available. Send a quote, please.
Thnaks a lot.
... More

Service: Wasp control

How much does a pest control service in Knoxfield cost?

$201 $296 $453

The average cost for professional pest control in Knoxfield is $296.

Almost 70% of our customers in Knoxfield request a second (follow-up) visit.

1 in 5 customers becomes a member of our Fantastic Club and enjoys countless benefits!

Nearly 40% of our customers combine their pest treatment with a cleaning service!

*Data has been extracted from our internal database for the past 12 months

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