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A Smooth & Easy Carpet Cleaning Process in Alkimos

Arranging your carpets to be cleaned

We’ve tried to make it as easy as possible for you, as our online booking form and Fantastic app allow you to book a service with just a few clicks.

Making your floor coverings look good again

The Fantastic professionals have all the needed modern equipment to give your carpets the makeover they deserve.

Enjoying your grime-free carpeting

We use eco-friendly cleaning solutions for your peace of mind, so your family and pets can walk safely on your carpets.

Why entrust the carpet cleaning to our experts in Alkimos?

For starters, they are recognised in the industry and have experience dealing with stubborn carpet staining and general pollution. They take great care when treating rugs and carpeting of various types. The Fantastic professionals will also pay attention to the specifics of the material and will tell you if it’s suitable to be steam or dry cleaned.

The carpet cleaners that operate in Alkimos also carry their own equipment consisting of modern machinery and kid- and pet-safe cleaning solutions, so you don’t have to worry about providing anything for the service. The pros will arrive within the arranged time and will leave when you are happy with how your carpets look.

Your carpet cleaning in Alkimos in a nutshell

Vacuuming is certainly a good method to keep your carpets allergen- and germ-free, but it is also insufficient. Certain types of rugs and carpeting, such as the shaggy ones, can trap pollutants deep into their fibres, where a regular vacuum cleaner cannot reach. This is where the Fantastic Services’ carpet cleaners come in!

With the help of their high-standard quality equipment, they can pull out dust and any form of dirt from the deepest part of your carpets. The latter will undergo a top-to-bottom cleaning in the hands of certified professionals. Thanks to having an eye for the details, the cleaners will locate, test and remove stains as best as possible. They will also use pressurised hot water and eco-friendly solutions to kill any form of bacteria and get those trapped pollutants out.

A Fantastic carpet cleaning in Alkimos that makes an impression

When it comes to the safety and comfort of our clients, we make no compromises. Carpets can be like giant filters that absorb all kinds of unpleasant and dangerous things, starting with smells all the way to food, hair and sand. As good as you try to maintain your carpets clean through regular vacuuming, there are certain limitations to the effectiveness of a household cleaner. And this is where our professional and detailed carpet cleaning steps in.

The specialised sanitation can make a real difference, not just for improving your carpet’s hygiene but their looks, too. We can guarantee that you will notice a change even before the cleaners are done, as they bring the bright colours of your carpets and rugs back, right before your eyes.

*Data has been extracted from our internal database for the past 12 months

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Carpet cleaning quotes from Alkimos:


4 carpets

Alkimos Oct 15, 2020
4 carpets and 1 rug. Good condition, but has stains on one

Service: Carpet Cleaning


5 carpets, 8 seater sofa

Alkimos Oct 10, 2020
Hi. I have x2 four seater couches that have had scotchguard treatment when first purchased 8 years ago but require cleaning. The material is a camel coloured suede. I would al
so like my carpets cleaned at the same time and have a ground level 3 bedroom home (no stairs). What price would I be looking at for this job and when could it be done? Many thanks
... More

Service: Carpet Cleaning, Upholstery


2 carpets

Alkimos Oct 1, 2020
Ground floor carpets need cleaning.

Service: Carpet Cleaning

Common questions about our service in Alkimos

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Q: How often do you recommend to have my carpets professionally cleaned?

A: The average time would be 6 to 12 months. Although to be completely honest, it all depends on your lifestyle. Smoking, having pets or kids, living in a dust-rich area and other factors can make your carpet’s condition deteriorate faster than usual. Certain high-traffic areas also need to get special attention more often, as they are constantly in use.

Q: Can all kinds of stains be removed?

A: The carpet cleaning operatives in Alkimos always try as hard as they can to get all stains out and they succeed in the majority of cases. However, urine and blood staining are notorious for their stubbornness. Time and wrong removal methods can also complicate the stain-lifting process, so it’s good to keep this in mind.

Q: Which days of the week do you operate?

A: We operate from Monday to Sunday with no exceptions! If you need us to do a carpet cleaning for you on a bank holiday, we can make this happen, too. We have a great team of customer service agents you can call that will be happy to arrange that for you.

Q: What happens if I need to change the date or time of my appointment?

A: All you have to do is contact us and tell us at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled carpet cleaning appointment. The same applies if you need to cancel your carpet cleaning.

*Data has been extracted from our internal database for the past 12 months

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