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All-encompasing Carpet Ceaning Service in Baldivis

Get a brand-new look for your favorite carpets at affordable rates!

  • Trusted, local carpet cleaning experts
  • Fresher, allergens-free indoor air
  • Prolonged life for your favourite rugs
  • Flexible schedule, 7 days a week
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02 The carpet cleaner arrives at your doorstep

An experienced carpet cleaning professional will arrive promptly on the appointed day, fully equipped and ready to get down to work.

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Your satisfaction as a client is what matters the most, that’s why we would appreciate your feedback on the carpet cleaning service you’ve received.

What are the benefits of the professional carpet cleaning in Baldivis?

We all know about the benefits of a clean home and carpets - better quality of the indoor air, elimination of pet hairs and other allergens like pollen, dust mites and dander, not to mention the more presentable and uplifting appearance of our home. Is it possible, however, to achieve these completely on our own? Is vacuuming enough to remove all the accumulated dust and dirt from a carpet? How about the stains and high traffic marks? Certainly not! Here comes handy the professional carpet cleaning in Baldivis. The carpet cleaning professionals offer solutions that are hard to apply at home on your own. By booking a professional carpet cleaning service you can count on: better quality of the indoor air, removing stubborn old stains from the carpet, elimination of allergens, brighter colours and a vivid new look for your favourite rugs, a scent of freshness in your home, healthier interior and much more!

Carpet Cleaning

How does the carpet cleaning service is performed?

Expect the carpet cleaning expert to arrive promptly on the appointed day, along with all the necessary equipment and cleaning products. Take a look at the steps the pro will follow during the carpet cleaning process:

  1. The specialist will give you a hand with some light pieces of furniture, which have to be moved out of the way, if there is a need;
  2. Then, the carpeting will be thoroughly vacuumed with a powerful vacuum cleaner;
  3. Next, the pro will inspect the floor covering for stains or high traffic marks and will pretreat them with a strong stain-removing product;
  4. Now, comes the time for the actual carpet cleaning - performed with an advanced hot water extraction machine. During this step, hot water is injected into the carpet, along with a powerful detergent, which dissolves the accumulated dust and dirt.
  5. Next, with another functionality of the machine, the mixture of filth, detergent and water is sucked back, leaving the carpet clean, fluffy and slightly wet.
  6. This step is optional but highly recommended - at this point, a Scotchgard stain protector can be applied to the carpeting, upon request.
  7. Deodorising is also an option - for even fresher results.

Now you can enjoy your great-looking carpet and the refreshed appearance of your home!

Why choose Fantastic Services if you need a carpet cleaning service in Baldivis?

We take pride in what we do. That is why providing the community with the best possible cleaning service is a matter of honour to us. Here are some of the benefits you can count on when choosing Fantastic Services in Baldivis:

  • Over 10 years of experience in providing the area of Perth with carpet cleaning services;
  • Working with trusted, local carpet cleaning specialists;
  • Use of industry-grade machines and proven cleaning products only;
  • Easy-to-use online booking system;
  • Flexible working schedule, 7 days a week;
  • No additional charge for weekend bookings;
  • Friendly, knowledgeable and fully-insured carpet cleaning experts;
  • Additional benefits for loyal clients - Fantastic Club members;

*Data has been extracted from our internal database for the past 12 months

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Carpet cleaning quotes from Baldivis:

2 Bedrom Unit

Baldivis WA Jun 18, 2020
I have two carpets. Need them well cleaned, because they are not in best condition. I have dogs and there are some stains. Thank you!

Service: Carpet Cleaning

4 Bedroom House

Baldivis WA Feb 9, 2020
Can you give me a quote for 5 big carpets? Regular materials, nothing special. No stains. They need just a regular refresh. Thanks!

Service: Carpet Cleaning

Big house

Baldivis WA Dec 2, 2020
I need a quote for 5 carpets. 3 bedrooms, living room and a hallway. There are some tea stains in the living room. Are you available this Friday morning?

Service: Carpet Cleaning

How much does carpet cleaning in Baldivis cost?

The average price of carpet cleaning in Baldivis is $125.

Oven cleaning is the most common service people combine with carpet cleaning in Baldivis.

The majority of people, who book professional steam carpet cleaning in Baldivis have 2-bedroom properties.

25% of the clients in Baldivis become members of the Fantastic Club.

95 125 450

*Data has been extracted from our internal database for the past 12 months

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