Professional carpet cleaning in Hills District

We use effective deep carpet cleaning methods, suitable for most types of fabrics.
  • All equipment and professional products, provided
  • Saving you hours of hard work every times
  • Carpet life extension - a guaranteed result
  • Promotional rates & various perks with the FantasticClub
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A refreshed carpet in less than an hour

The professional will use industry-grade equipment, stain removal products and special detergents to restore the look of your rug.

Need anything else?

Do you need your sofa cleaned or your rug deodorised? The carpet technician will gladly handle your additional requests.

What do you get by having your carpet professionally cleaned?

DIY carpet cleaning has its advantages, of course, but nothing can beat having an experienced pro handle the job for you. Look below at some of the benefits a professional clean can do for your carpet and your home!

  • Healthier indoors - Cleaner air, reduced allergen triggers (dust mites, pet dander or pollen), etc.
  • Longer carpet life - Removing any mouldy patches and eliminating high-traffic lanes will ensure that your carpet looks as new and serves you for longer.
  • An overall presentable look of your home - Dusting and vacuuming around your home is often not enough to get that clean feel of your house interior.
  • Crossing off a seriously mundane chore - Imagine what you can do with all that free time you’ve got now on your hands, knowing that you don’t have to spend a minute on cleaning your rugs!
  • Professional carpet cleaning equipment - DIY methods and rented steam cleaners are far less effective than powerful carpet cleaning machines, in terms of results and cost.

How our carpet cleaning service goes

The local professional will first inspect your carpeting to see what material it is made of, as well as determine if there are any stains that need to be pretreated. Then, the expert will vacuum your carpeting well and apply a stain removal product on any existing marks and blemishes. After a few minutes, he or she will clean the carpet surface with a hot water extraction machine unless the floor covering cannot handle a wet cleaning method (say, it’s made of a delicate natural material that should be only dry cleaned).

Once, the pro has finished, they’ll advise you on the drying time and recommend to you a few ways of how to speed up this process (turn on an air mover, a fan, a heater or simply open a couple of windows). Upon request, you can have your carpet deodorised or get a stain repellent product applied.

Why opt for Fantastic Services in Hills District

We’re not here to blow our trumpet, but let’s actually see what you get with us!

  • Years of experience in the field;
  • Fully insured service, as all experts hold Public Liability Insurance;
  • Vetted & skilled locally-based carpet technicians;
  • An array of other specialised cleaning services that you can combine with your carpet cleaning service;
  • 40% off your carpet cleaning, when combined with our end of lease cleaning service;
  • Proven cleaning methods that follow your carpet manufacturer’s instructions;
  • Special benefits and deals if you join our membership programme - the Fantastic Club.
  • *Data has been extracted from our internal database for the past 12 months

    You can become a member of the Fantastic Club today and take advantage of all the amazing benefits that come with it, including discounted rates and special offers.

    Carpet cleaning quotes from Hills District


    2 Bedroom house

    Hills District Sep 24, 2020
    Please give me a quote for 2 carpets and one rug. I want them to be cleaned good.

    Service: Carpet cleaning


    1 Small proprety

    Hills District Aug 28, 2020
    I stained my rug. It's rather large I need it to be cleaned now.

    Service: Rug cleaning


    Medium size house

    Hills District Mar 12, 2020
    Give me a quote for 2 carpets and one small one in the hallway. Just the cleaning.

    Service: Carpet cleaning

    Average carpet cleaning prices in Hills District

    $95 $130 $250

    On average, a carpet cleaning service in Hills District costs $130

    Clients in Hills District are most likely to book mattress cleaning with their carpet cleaning service

    Generally, people, who book carpet cleaning in the Hills District, have a 3-bedroom house

    A carpet cleaning service can take between 1 and 2 hours, depending on the size of the job

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Why do you recommend the application of a carpet protection product?

    A: Well, this is entirely up to you, but from our long professional experience, clients, who choose carpet protection against stains, don’t have to worry about spillages and accidents for at least 6 months.

    Q: Do I need to do anything before the service?

    A: Not really. Possibly, consider moving any heavy furniture out of the room, so the specialist can access hard-to-reach carpeted areas.

    Q: Do I have to arrange a parking spot for the technician?

    A: Yes, please. The carpet cleaner brings with equipment and tools, so it’s best if they are able to park near your property.

    Q: How often should I clean my carpet?

    A: This will depend on the size of your household, as well as on your lifestyle. Ideally, if you’ve got small kids, pets or you have frequent visitors, you should get your rugs professionally cleaned about twice a year.

    *Data has been extracted from our internal database for the past 12 months

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