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  • Professionals who can deal with older stains and smells
  • Maintain your carpets in the best condition for longer
  • FREE stain pre-treatment included in your appointment
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Booking your carpet cleaning services in North Shore

Simple online and phone booking options

With a helpful team of advisors standing by, you can book online or by phone day or night.

Flexible times and targets

Choose a weekday, weekend or even a public holiday for your appointment.

Watch while the magic happens

Your expert carpet cleaners will arrive at your door in North Shore at the time you've chosen and get to work right away.

Why invest in professional carpet cleaning?

You can keep your carpets looking neat enough with just a vacuum cleaner, of course. But it takes an expert armed with the latest tools to penetrate deeply into the weaves of your fabric and remove the source of stains, markings and unpleasant aromas.

A professional-grade carpet cleaning service like the one we provide in North Shore also removes other unpleasant elements from your carpeting. These include things like bacteria, germs and other unwanted pollutants and allergens. Everything you need to ensure your home or office is left healthier as well as fresh, clean and fragrant after your appointment is over.

Your carpet cleaner at work - a breakdown


The initial assessment of your flooring fabric gives your carpet cleaner all of the information they need to proceed. Firstly, to target stains and markings to be treated before the main part of your service starts. Secondly, so that they know which of our advanced treatment methods to use.


When you use us for carpet cleaning in North Shore, there are two different options for how the main part of your service will be delivered. We usually prioritise using our steam cleaning method - better known as hot water extraction cleaning. This heat and detergent treatment is powerful and highly effective at getting down deep into the fibres of your carpet to break the bonds of dirt and grime, refreshing and cleaning as everything is sucked out.

But your carpet might benefit from our dry cleaning method instead. This liquid-free technique is perfect for natural fibres.

Stain protection

This is an added free part of your service. It involves the application of a stain protection layer to safeguard your fabric for longer in future.

Why Fantastic Services is the solution for carpet cleaning in North Shore

When we send a carpet cleaner to your property in North Shore, they will already have been extensively vetted and trained and have a great deal of experience on their side. On top of this, they're fully insured, so you can rest easy while they get down to business.

The equipment they will be using to perform your service is the latest the industry has to offer. We always choose green cleaning methods too, so you'll know any children or pets are going to stay safe - and the environment is too.

With appointments on offer from Monday through Sunday, we ensure that you can book the carpet cleaning services you need as and when you need them.

*Data has been extracted from our internal database for the past 12 months

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Carpet cleaning quotes from North Shore:


3 Bedroom property

North Shore Oct 20, 2020
I need full home cleaning of my house. Aaand all of my carpets need cleaning too.

Service: Carpet cleaning, House cleaning


3 Bedroom House

North Shore Nov 11, 2020
Hello, I have a big house on two floors. All my carpets on the second storey. Three of them need cleaning + there are two big rugs. I will need sanitisation too, because we ha
d guests.
... More

Service: Carpet cleaning


Studio flat

North Shore Nov 11, 2020
Hey, I need cleaning of one large rug and one mattress. How much will you charge?

Service: Carpet cleaning, Mattress cleaning

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there a fee for rescheduling my service?

A: All we need from you is a little advance notice. Let us know that you need to make a change at least 24 hours before your appointment is due to begin and there's no fee.

Q: Can you remove very old or ground-in stains?

A: If anyone can, the experts we send to you can. It very much depends on the type of carpeting you have, what caused the stain and how long it's been there for. But, because of the advanced nature of our equipment, the pre-treatment for stains which is part of our process and your team's expertise, there's a high chance that most stains can be removed or at least see significant visual improvement.

Q: How long will my carpets remain wet after steam cleaning?

A: Our clients report that their carpets are dry within six hours at the absolute outside. Most tell us it takes a lot less time, sometimes as few as three hours. If you want to speed the drying process up, all you need to do is open a few windows.

Q: Can you guarantee you will remove odours?

A: We use the latest equipment for the very reason that it leaves a fresh, enervating aroma behind and tackles the causes as well as the symptoms of bad odours. If you have a particularly bad odour problem on your hands, your appointment for carpet cleaning in North Shore can also include deodourisation.

*Data has been extracted from our internal database for the past 12 months

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