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Leave this gentle work to the experienced pros in your area. The safety of your carpets is guaranteed.
  • We remove various stains and markings
  • We treat various fabrics - natural and synthetic carpets and rugs
  • We prolong the life of your rugs and carpets
  • We restore the air quality in your home
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How to schedule your professional carpet cleaning in Redcliffe today?

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We have several flexible options for you to choose from. Scheduling the time and date for your carpet cleaning job takes only a couple of minutes. You can either call, fill in our booking form, use our GoFantastic mobile app.

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One local expert will arrive on time, and they will bring everything necessary for a safe and efficient rug and carpet cleaning service. You don’t need to worry about anything!

Enjoy a cleaner, fresher and fluffier carpet

Once the technician is done cleaning, they will leave. After the wait drying time is over, you will see and smell the change in your carpets and home.

Why your carpets and rugs need professional cleaning

To ensure your carpets or rugs are safely cleaned and refreshed, you need to hire professional cleaners. What proper cleaning also does is prolong the life of the material, restore the original good looks of your carpets, and last but not least it improves the indoor air quality in the room.

When you hire a professional service, you can also request additional extras such as our Scotchguard Protector or deodorising. Along with removing stains and refreshing your carpet, the cleaner can deodorise it and apply the Scotchguard Protector against future stains.

Our fantastic carpet cleaning service in details:

When the cleaner arrives, the first thing they do is inspect the carpet or rug. After determining the right method for cleaning - dry or steam, the cleaner will first vacuum the carpet to remove large debris and dirt.

Then, before pre-treating the carpet with the detergents, the cleaner will do a test on a small area on the carpet to check if they are safe to use them. When it’s safe to proceed, a mixture of hot water and detergent is then injected directly into the fibres of the rug or carpet. It loosens tough stains and grime and with the special hot water extraction machine close to 95% of the moisture is removed.

Our dry cleaning technique is used mainly on more delicate materials or lightly soiled carpeting. It works by inserting dry carpet cleaning detergent in the carpet fibres with the rotary machine. It agitates the top carpet layer. Then, with special equipment, the dirt and solvent are removed.

Why choose us for your carpet cleaning needs in Redcliffe

  • All local carpet technicians we work with are trained, vetted and certified.
  • Non-toxic detergents are used on your precious rugs and carpets.
  • Flexible working hours, seven days a week and bank holidays availability.
  • We work with commercial and residential clients in Redcliffe.
  • Our pricing system is clear, and we don’t have any hidden charges.

*Data has been extracted from our internal database for the past 12 months

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Carpet cleaning quotes from Redcliffe:


3 Bedrooms

Redcliffe Feb 18, 2021
Can you give me a quote for 3 carpets? There are stairs too.

Service: Carpet Cleaning


2 Carpets

Redcliffe Feb 12, 2021
Please give me a quote for 2 carpets to be cleaned. Regular size.

Service: Carpet Cleaning


One office

Redcliffe Dec 19, 2020
We need carpet cleaning for office area. It's around 20 square metres. Regular carpet.

Service: Carpet Cleaning

Frequently asked questions and their answers about our services in Redcliffe

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Q: Do the cleaners move furniture that is on the carpet?

A: The cleaner can move small pieces of furniture. If there are any bulkier pieces that are impossible to be moved by one person, they will clean around them.

Q: Can I hire more cleaners for the same day to clean other things around the house?

A: Of course, you can combine several of our cleaning services. Most often, people combine carpet cleaning with our upholstery cleaning service. You can also book spring cleaning, regular domestic cleaning, end of lease cleaning, etc.

Q: How long does it take carpets to dry and walk on them again?

A: Usually, it takes between three and six hours. It depends on several factors such as material composition, ventilation, and the temperature in the room. You can speed the process by opening your windows or turning the air conditioning on.

Q: What happens if my carpets or rugs aren’t suitable for steam cleaning?

A: In such cases, we recommend that you agree to dry cleaning your carpets. It works with little to no water and is a perfectly acceptable method for dealing with lightly soiled carpets.

Q: Do you remove all kinds of stains?

A: We use a range of efficient stain removers and detergents that allow us to remove the majority types of stains successfully from all kinds of carpets. However, the effective stain removal also depends on how long the stain has been on the carpet and if you’ve treated the stain with any detergents.

*Data has been extracted from our internal database for the past 12 months

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