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The pro will arrive for the service equipped with quality detergents, professional carpet cleaning tools and equipment and will be ready to handle the job.

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You should expect high-quality results once the expert is done with the cleaning. Also, if you want to prolong the effectiveness of the cleaning, ask for Scotchgard stain application.

What are the benefits of professional carpet cleaning?

You might be able to keep your carpets crumb and dust-free with a daily and quick vacuum cleaning, but you can’t handle stubborn stains, markings and nasty odours caused by particles embedded deep in the fabric.

A professional carpet cleaning will remove not only those listed above, but will also eliminate bacteria, allergens, fungal spores and even dust mites, which are invisible but harmful.

Besides that, the professional carpet cleaning will protect your carpet from damage caused by grit. Also, the carpet cleaning experts have an extensive know-how in the field and they’re able to select the correct detergent for a particular stain, without the risk of discolouring your carpet.

How is your South Perth carpet cleaning service performed?

Upon arriving, the technician will walk through a series of steps and each of them is essential to ensure a safe cleaning and best final result. Inspection of your carpet - Firstly, the technician will move any light items of furniture to maximise access. Note that, if your carpets are covered with furniture too heavy to be moved by a single person, you will need to move them before the service. Then, the expert will vacuum the area, check your carpet’s sturdiness to see if it’s suitable for hot water extraction and pre-treat any sturdy stain, and high-traffic areas.

The main clean - If it’s determined that your rug is made of synthetic material, the pro will choose to perform hot water extraction and inject detergent and hot water into the rug under extremely high pressure. Then, thanks to the machine’s powerful suction ability, the excess water is removed along with the deep-seated dirt, allergens, pollutants and bacteria.

Once the cleaning is over, you’ll have the opportunity to benefit from Scotchgard protection application, which creates a protective layer on your carpet and makes sure no spill turns into a stain. Also, you can ask the expert to deodorise your carpet for extra freshness.

However, if your rug is not suitable for hot water extraction, the technician will dry clean your carpet by using a dry powder, which is rubbed into your carpet’s fibres and then vacuumed.

Why choose Fantastic Services as your carpet cleaning company in South Perth?

  • The technicians we work with have years of experience in the carpet cleaning industry and always aim to provide our clients with the best possible service.
  • They use only professional equipment and environmentally-friendly detergents, and the needed knowledge to perform wet and dry cleaning depending on your rug’s material.
  • You can combine your carpet cleaning service with other services from our portfolio and save yourself time and money.
  • Our carpet cleaning service is suitable for both domestic and commercial needs.
  • Our services are completely insured and have no hidden charges.

*Data has been extracted from our internal database for the past 12 months

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Carpet cleaning quotes from South Perth:


Rug cleaning

South Perth Mar 20, 2020
I have 2 large rugs. Can you clean them?

Service: Carpet Cleaning


2 carpets

South Perth Jul 1, 2020
Carpet cleaning is for a small granny flat. Need scotchgard and deodorising too

Service: Carpet Cleaning


Water issues

South Perth Jan 31, 2021
washing machine has overflowed approx 1 metre sq area

Service: Carpet Cleaning

Frequently asked questions about carpet cleaning in South Perth

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Q: What’s the difference between steam and dry cleaning?

A: Steam cleaning, known as hot water extraction, is a cleaning method suitable only for sturdy materials made from synthetic or mixed fabric. Since dry cleaning involves no water and is used on rugs made from delicate materials, such as silk or linen.

Q: What kind of cleaning products do you use?

A: We use only professional cleaning products that can’t be found in ordinary shops. They are also eco-friendly, which means that they’re not harmful for your family and friends.

Q: Can I book your carpet cleaning service on Sunday?

A: Absolutely! You can book our services for any day of the week, even on a bank holiday.

Q: How long will the service take?

A: That depends on your carpet’s size and condition. Typically, the cleaners will need around one hour to clean a wall-to-wall carpet in a single room and no more than 30-minutes to treat a small rug.

*Data has been extracted from our internal database for the past 12 months

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