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How to Secure Your Carpet Cleaning Service in Yokine

Choose the day that works best for you

Whether through our online forms, trusty GoFantastic app, or through a phone call, you can quickly book an appointment for the most convenient time you prefer.

Get to know your technicians

The friendly carpet cleaning pros will take care of everything while you get on with your day. They will be happy to provide a few useful tips, too, if you need them.

Get amazing results

Your carpets and rugs have gone through extensive cleaning procedures and there are the results to show it!

What makes our carpet cleaning in Yokine the right one for you?

Dedication and professionalism! The Fantastic carpet cleaners we partner with in Yokine are fully vetted, experienced and qualified to take on any job, no matter how hard. Armed with industry-approved cleaning equipment and quality detergents, they will take the time to examine your carpets. They will also do a pH stain testing, so the most suitable carpet cleaning solution can be used.

The following hot water extraction procedure is meticulously done by the specialists to the utmost standard, too. This way you can rest assured that the carpet cleaning service you booked in Yokine will bring you the expected high-quality results and you will be safe walking on truly clean carpeting.

How will the cleaners in Yokine treat your carpets?

The process is pretty simple and you can feel free to ask us or the technicians any questions regarding your service whenever needed. Here are the steps in short:

  • Evaluation - The carpet cleaning experts will fully check your carpets to determine the nature of their fibres and move on to the appropriate treating technique.
  • Vacuuming - A powerful vacuum cleaner will collect all dust and larger pieces of dirt, so they don’t obstruct the following cleaning.
  • Stain testing and pre-treatment - As mentioned before, a pH testing will be done and then a special product will be applied for easier removal of the stains. No worries, this whole process is included in the price.
  • Hot-water extraction cleaning - As the name suggests, the carpets will then undergo cleaning with a combination of hot water and specialised detergent, which will go deeper into the fabric’s fibres. Then everything, along with bacteria and all sorts of dirt, will be extracted.

    As you can see there are quite a few things for the specialists to tackle, so the procedure can take up to an hour to complete. Of course, the time may have to be extended depending on the condition of the carpeting.

    What makes Fantastic Services stand out

    We are not new to this, as Fantastic Services has been part of the cleaning industry for more than 10 years. This valuable experience has helped us develop and continuously improve our carpet cleaning and other services as per the needs of our clients.

    We always strive to deliver the best we are capable of and we know that this is the only way to keep our clients happy, which also gives us the motivation to develop further and get even better results.

*Data has been extracted from our internal database for the past 12 months

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Carpet cleaning quotes from Yokine:


Very large house

Yokine Oct 7, 2020
Hello, need carpet cleaning for 7 carpets.

Service: Carpet Cleaning


2 carpets

Yokine Jul 24, 2020
Need carpet cleaning for first floor 2 carpets

Service: Carpet Cleaning


2 carpets sanitation

Yokine Jul 17, 2020
Need antiviral sanitisation for my carpets. We had a sick person

Service: Carpet Cleaning

Common questions about our service in Yokine

$95 $137 $255

Q: How long do I have to wait for my carpet to dry completely?

A: Thanks to the high-standard equipment we use there is minimal waiting time after the hot-water extraction cleaning. The moisture is almost fully removed from the fibres, so the carpet should not need more than 3 - 6 hours to dry in full.

Q: Is it safe to walk on my carpeting right after the cleaning?

A: Absolutely! You or another two- or four-legged member of your family can take a walk on the carpets. Still, if you are having second thoughts about that, protective overshoes can be a good option, or walking barefoot!

Q: I don’t want to deal with stains anymore! Is there something I can do to avoid them?

A: Stains can be a real pain but we found out that Scotchgard protector can serve as a shield for carpets and rugs. It can make the material repel liquids, which are the main culprits when it comes to staining. This really simplifies carpet maintenance and the professionals can apply the product at the end of your service if you decide to request it.

Q: Weekends are the only suitable time to get my carpets cleaned. Are you available then?

A: Of course, we are! We know very well what a busy schedule can do to a person, so we make sure to stay available from Monday to Sunday for our clients. All you have to do is contact our customer service representatives and they will help you get an appointment.

*Data has been extracted from our internal database for the past 12 months

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